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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sportin' My Rose Colored Glasses....

Despite random crap that I duck out here & there - I have a fairly good outlook on life.

If stuff bugs me, I ignore it and smile bigger.  If someone doesn't like me, I usually don't pick up on it (or necessarily care).  I just float around on my little Planet Jenn spreading sunshine & waving my little freak flag around.  I'm hangin' with the fun folks.

If you want to be a party pooper - go poop someplace else!

Seriously,  for those of you who know me in the life outside of cyber world, have you ever really seen me "explode" or be really pissed off?  OK strike that...  Those who have known me for a REALLY, REALLY long time have witnessed moments of exploding Jenn.  For the most part - these days, that's not happening.  What's the point??

I used to care - and sometimes I still care, but I'm over it.  I have this pretty little pair of Rose Colored Glasses - and the world looks much nicer through them.  I see sunshine and butterflies & happy, happy, joy, joy.  Wanna borrow them??  I'll share!

Wouldn't that make life so much easier?  If everyone could just let life's woes just roll off their back?  Have everyone holding hands & giving hugs singing Kumbaya?

Over the past few years, I've learned to let go of the crap and look at the positives - all the pretty, pretty colors.  Yeah, I'm blessed with this fabulous little, whatever it is, I don't know - is it a "disease" or a condition???  Who the hell cares!  I've got Lupus.  At first I was all "woes me."   This hurt, that hurt - I can't do this, I can't do that.  Now - Done.... It is what it is and I'm taking my own advice and not using the word CAN'T!  I yell at my kids for that & they've promptly corrected me.  Set straight by those under the age of 10, eek!

Really, I've got the bull by the tail!  I'm living the life of Riley!  I've got this AMAZING family, yes... all of you!  I have a great husband who is not just my hubby, but a total partner, friend & buddy.  We can give each other crap & laugh about it.  I've got the bestest best friend anyone could ask for and some really amazing girlies who I would do anything for & vice versa and just really great friends.  Don't even get me started on my kiddos...  I could gush for days over them.  :)  Yeah - I've got it all baby!

I don't surround myself with ick.  If you want to have a puss on your face - well, I'll try to make you smile & have fun, but it's your decision to be a big ol' butt head.  Me, I'm going over THERE to have fun!  Wanna play too?  If not - take your toys and go home!

Now that I've come through the purge of the nonsense I've been holding on to - the things that needed to be said, the thank you's that needed to be made & the forgiveness I'd denied - I can smile bigger.  I'm free, I'm free!!

And I'm DEFINITELY liking the "Rose Colored Glasses" much nicer than those ones with all the crap on 'em.

So...Want some Rose Colored Glasses??

Thanks for reading my blog!


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