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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Do NOT tailgate the FLIPPIN' School Bus!

Hello all...

I'm thankful to not be blogging from inside a jail cell this morning, as I accosted a woman at the stop light on my way to drop the short one off at day care.

The morning started off so nicely.  I was, minding my own business driving along, looking at the trees and singing with the short one - when I notice that the car in front of me is tailgating the school bus.

Not just any school bus, but MY DAUGHTER'S SCHOOL BUS!
Ready, Aim, FIRE Kids!

I speed up a little to get a safe distance behind her and note that the bus driver is clearly trying to shake this tailgater off - and I begin to fume. 

HELLO....My daughter is on that bus!!

My heart is beating so fast and all I can think is that if for some reason that bus has to hit the brakes, my daughter and her friend (who sit at the back of the bus) are going to get hurt.

Super Mom to the Rescue!

I gain on her & remain close - but not too close.  We all turn off onto the highway, as I am trying to memorize this car's license plate number - and bonus - she is going my way, around the clover leaf and across the highway.  AND the light is red...

For those of you who don't know me - I'm pretty "forward" to say the least.

I pull into the lane next to her as close as possible.

The light just turned red, so I've got 3 minutes.

I roll my window down & start waving my hands like a mental patient while shouting "excuse me, excuse me."

Nothing.  She ignored me.   Ohhhh no, no, no...this WILL be dealt with.
I WON'T BE IGNORED... (In my best Glenn Close voice, ala Fatal Attraction)

I throw my Jeep in park, get out of my car and go knock on her window.

I see the fear in her eyes as she rolls down her window a full inch.

"Um excuse me - do me a favor please."

Now she's a little more relaxed because I was pleasant and said please.  She rolled her window down further.

I continue, "The next time you're behind a school bus, please don't drive so close."

Now she's in a snit.  "I was NOT driving too closely to the school bus."
Oh no she didn't...

I'm restraining myself now - because I'm fuming.  I WAS trying to be nice.

"Yeah you WERE tailgating and my child was on that school bus.  If that bus stopped short and you hit it - my daughter could have been hurt.

Do me a favor - in the future, do NOT tailgate ANY school bus."

Now this puss face gets even snittier with me.  "I was NOT tailgating the bus."

Really?  Do you really want to argue with a crazy mom who was angry enough to get out of the car to approach you at a stop light??

"Listen, I'm not here to fight with you.  You were on the bus' arse.  You don't belong there.  Have some courtesy and respect for not only the children on the bus, but for the fact that it's hard enough to drive a bus, add children & a tailgater - and it's down right stressful.  It's a safety issue.  Thank you and have a nice day."

I jumped back into my Jeep, feeling satisfied.  Super Mom saves the day from idiotic driver.

When the short one asked what I was doing and what I needed to talk to the lady about - I told her I wished her a nice day.  Well, I did...

The light turned green & she took off, clearly wanting to get the heck away from me.

...and yours too!  Let's keep 'em safe :)
I just hope this woman learned a lesson that there are psychotic moms, like me, who are not afraid to look out for the best interest of the kids.

Don't tailgate school buses!  Got it?

Thank you for reading my blog!


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  1. We are so related. lol Last week I was keeping within the 20 mph flashing light school zone (at the bottom of hill there is often a cop issuing tickets to offenders) I am going 20 and I keep my eye on the dial because I take after Aunt Kay with a heavy foot! lol But this lady zooms past me, cutting off a school bus and giving me the evil eye. Well, I didnt get out of my car like you, lol, but at the red light I motioned for her to roll her window down and warned her nicely that they give tickets. she said to me "you were going 15" Im like so what if I were? But I say "I was going 20." And add (at that point I'll admit I was in the flesh alittle ) "you should have gotten a ticket." ha ha roadrage can be fun and productive!


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