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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gadget girl trips over new fangled electronics...

Once upon a time, I was referred to as "Gadget Girl."

If a VCR needed to be programmed, I was you girl.
I can still hear my dad calling me...  "Jenny"
(before you go and get any smart ideas, only my family and people who knew me when I actually WAS Jenny may call me Jenny.)

Anyway... He'd be on the phone in a full on tizzy, "the bleepin' VCR is broken. I hit a bleepin' button again and the bleepin' television is all fuzz. The game is on. Can you come here (five minutes ago) and fix it before I throw the mother bleepin' thing out the bleeping window?"

With a giggle, off I went... to rescue my dear old dad from the gruesome fate of VCR scramble. The HORROR!

Heaven forbid the tape in his answering machine got messed up.

Now this is a man that, in his younger years, would climb a ladder & scale the building 3 floors up just to "steal" cable TV to the other side of our house. A  man who can now not deal with the VCR.

I get the frustration. Well, I get it NOW at this stage of my life.

Back then, I truly WAS a gadget wiz.  I could program computers.  I knew them inside and out. I could take them apart, rebuild them, network them throughout the entire house. DOS & I?? Best Buds. I had it goin' on. I knew it and I was proud. Oh, you probably don't know what DOS is, do you? Well, whatever.

We're in the "smart" age now.

The smarter things get, the dumber I get. Smart? Easy? Really? Voice controlled?  Well the flippin' thing doesn't recognize my voice! I can already feel the tension beginning to build at the mere thought of a computer problem.

I can't even figure out how to properly TWEET and I need to figure out how to work my phone?
I've become my dad. If I need to figure out what the hell happened to my iPhone - I call my 11 year old to fix it for me.  Or to teach me. Whatever.

Pathetic, huh??

I laugh about this now.  I mean, really... The VCR... My kids would say, huh??  VCR?  Do you mean Blue Ray / DVD player??  Answering machine?

As technology gets smarter, I truly get dumber tripping over all the new fangled electronics and wondering where the hell did gadget girl go??

Oh, there she is... asking her 11 year old how to program the Blue Ray. Can you relate?

Thank you for reading my blog!!


Monday, April 21, 2014

Have you seen my Menopausal Mother????

Oh, OK... maybe she's NOT actually MY mother, but I've seen her.  Have you seen her yet??

Well, pfft - you SHOULD.  And guess what, you can see even more of her soon!!!

My dear, sweet, wonderful and amazing bloggie friend's new book is being released soon!

Personally, I will read ANYTHING Marcia writes because she cracks me right up.  I ADORE Marcia and am thrilled and excited to share this today!!!

Need to know more??  Well OF COURSE YOU DO!!!!

Who Stole My Spandex?
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The collection includes laugh-out-loud brain candy, such as "9 Signs You Might Be a MILF," "How to Annoy Your Children," "You Might Be Menopausal If...," and "Menopausal Cuckoo," along with some of her newer tales of midlife mayhem. With a dash of wit and a heavy dose of humor, this is the greatest therapy ever offered in book form…and cheaper than any therapist's bill!

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Release Date: Early Summer 2014!  Available in eBook and print!

Please go on over & check Marcia, the Menopausal Mother out.

Her blog is:

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I am super honored and thrilled to help spread the word about Marcia's new book!

Please check her out.  You won't be sorry!

Thank  you for reading my blog!!


Friday, April 18, 2014

Any 80's Hair Metal Heads Remember Queensryche??? My confession to Geoff....

It's concert season - more specifically outdoor concert season. I am a huge lover of music. All music. OK, well - most music.

It's time. Time to scour the internet in search of whatever other tickets I can come across.

Now, I've got guilt.

While searching, there I saw it - QUEENSRYCHE!!  Not just Queensryche, but the billing was listed as "Queensryche: 25th Anniversary Operation Mindcrime"  I NEEDED to go!

As a rule, I'm a loyal human. If I love, I love forever. Unless, of course, I've been given a big reason not to love. I don't like change. I'm loyal to the original. When Van Halen went Van Hagar, I boycotted.  When Steve Perry was replace by whoever the new lead singer is of Journey, I boycotted. I had absolutely NO desire to see Queensryche sans Geoff Tate.

I'm so sorry, Geoff.  I don't know what happened.
And here it is...

Dear Geoff,
I'm terribly sorry. I've inadvertently cheated on you. I'm sad to say - I think I liked it.
Maybe not completely, because there will never be another YOU, but I enjoyed myself.
I'm so sorry.
Faithfully yours,
Resurrected 80's High Hair Metal Chick

Yes, it's like that.
While I was combing through I DID see Queensryche: 25th Anniversary Operation Mind Crime. If you're 80's and love that - How exciting is that??

One of the things I'm well aware of is the Queensryche split. There's Geoff, THE voice of Queensryche, who split from the band and has a new band. Then there's the band, with the founding member, Michael Wilton and new lead singer, Todd LaTorre. Both touring as Queensryche.
Confusing, right?

Before I purchased my tickets, I double, triple and quadruple checked. I wanted to be double damn sure I was buying GEOFF TATE Queensryche tickets. There was his face, plastered all over every website - promoting everywhere, once again "25th Anniversary Operation Mindcrime." I was confident I was making the right decision. There were also 2 dates available!! Once at Starland in March, which I couldn't make. Once in April at BergenPac, which I could make.
I excitedly bought my tickets.

Yes, it was a bit of a red flag that the shows were happening in the same state, but ya know - it IS concert season. I checked, double checked, triple checked and quadruple checked. I THOUGHT that I was confident that it was Geoff Tate Queensryche I was going to see.

As the date got closer, I noticed that my upcoming event - as listed on Facebook had changed. There was now a notation that "Ticketmaster has changed event name."  Ut oh...  Now instead of it saying:  Queensryche:  25th Anniversary Operation Mindcrime - it simply said, Queensryche.

I was duped!

I knew something was up, so I went to and checked the venues, the artists, the dates... there it was.  The change. The change that pissed me off on several levels, because I WANTED Geoff Tate.

The billing, I felt, was intentionally confused. Did I mention I was pissed?

The show I had been so looking forward to now became, meh - I like live shows anyway. I'll still have a good time. I'll just go anyway and suck it up like any other cover band. If I hate it, I'll leave.

I didn't leave.  I enjoyed it.

Was the concert anywhere NEAR the expected 25th Anniversary of Operation Mindcrime??  NO. They only played a few songs from that album. On that level I was a little disappointed, but Todd sounded great. He has great energy. He has a great voice. He is a great stage performer. He is very expressive and lives the music. I really liked that. No, he's not Geoff - but I liked it. I was entertained. I enjoyed the show. I really enjoyed the show. Yes, I was shocked too!

The warm up band was Gothic Knights. A band that hails from NYC and has been around since 1990. No, I never heard of them either. Here's why...  Although the lead singer has a great voice, he has absolutely no stage presence. There's no excitement. No real movement or feeling of connection with the band. Stiff.  I feel that I could close my eyes and enjoy the music, I just didn't need to watch because the watching part didn't entertain me. They are still very 80's feeling.

Admittedly, I went in with a bad attitude and disappointment at the way Live Nation handled things. I would NOT have purchased the tickets if I'd known it wan't Geoff Tate I was going to see, but I'm glad that I gave it all a chance.

I probably wouldn't go see Queensryche again, out of loyalty to Geoff, without Geoff - but I also wouldn't turn anyone away. It was a good show. I liked it and I think that anyone else who enjoys this type of music, who likes Queensryche and can be open minded (like I'm not) would enjoy the show.

So Geoff, I hope I'm forgiven. No one rocks it like you. You will be my first and only voice of Queensryche. This time, I just strayed - but I'm back. :)

Thank you all for reading my blog!!