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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Missing My Daddy...

Today is the 28th Anniversary of my dad's death.

I can't even believe he's been gone for almost 30 years.

That doesn't stop me from missing him - or thinking about him.

My dad was the best!
Very laid back - a self proclaimed Hippie.  Someone everyone loved.

I was "Daddy's Little Girl."

As Easter rolls around every year, my dad comes closer and closer to heart and mind.

I begin to have that familiar pang of heart ache realizing I won't ever see him again on this plane.  I reflect upon my childhood with my dad and my adulthood without him.

There are so many things he wasn't here to experience with me.  Times when I missed him so much more. The heart breaks when I needed to cry on my daddy's shoulder and have him tell me that I was too good for that boy anyway.  When I married my husband & when I was blessed with my children. I miss him being here.

Many times I was feeling down and longed to hear my dad's voice telling me that he's proud of me & that I can do it!  That I'm kind, smart and beautiful & hear him say how much he loves his little girl.

My dad was always my biggest cheerleader.  No matter what I was doing - he was sure that I'd be the best at it.  Whether I was or not.  He was always sure to encourage me and make me feel like I was the best of everything.  Whatever I did, he beamed with pride & told not just me - but everyone how wonderful I was.  He truly lifted me up and made me feel special and important.

So on this day, Daddy - I tell you that I miss you every single day.  You're in my heart, you're in my soul and I love you.

May the Lord hold you in the palm of His hand and keep you.

With all my love,
Your Little Girl (All Grown Up)

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  1. I LOVE MY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M MY DADDYS LITTLE GIRL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a wonderful piece. Hold it to your heart forever. Today, for me marks the 11th year of my mom's passing. It's never easy and we wish that they were with us for all our milestones. It's just not fair.

  3. we r so sorry for their deaths

  4. I am reading your blog with tears and cant control my tears. My daddy who is now ready for dialysis thinking about him..he is telling me now he dont need dialysis what ever the result is coming we will see it but he doesnt need dialysis but if i dont send him for dialysis I will lose him. If i sent him for dialysis I am scared he will becomd bedridden forever. My daddy who is walking talking and running now happily will he be the same after dialysis??? i am scared i am worried blank total blank dont know what to do...i need my dad but dont know what is the path ....waiting for god show me the path for me I have to preare myself for his dialysis and get ready for whatever the result,....I love you daddy,.....i love you so much....there is no word for me to tell about u...u are just awesome i dont want to lose you,..i need you ...pls stay with me god help my father to be healthy even after dialysis...plssssssssss


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