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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What is Love?

This is something I've been thinking about a lot lately.

I've just revised this post after giving this much more thought, and I'm not done thinking - so that smoke you see, just ignore it... It's me :)

Seriously though - I do always say what a love bug I am and how I do just love everyone.

In my heart, love is caring deeply for someone.  Wanting to protect them, care for them, look out for their best interest and let them know they're special and important.  Looking at what love is called to be, I've got some work to do...

Let's start with the first one... Patience.  Ugh, me?? oh man - do I have work to do!  I am not the picture of patience.  I constantly struggle with my I want it and I want it now!  I don't want to wait.  I want instant gratification - when I put it out there, I want it right back!  Not just back, but RIGHT back.  Not patient.  Ugh...Strike one!

I've got kind down, at least I hope so - but that's for others to decide.  I know I try to be kind to others.

I can't be bothered with the jealousy game & I try to not be boastful.  Good there, I think.

Pride??  Well, I'm proud of my kids for sure.  Especially my son these days.  I am also proud of my own accomplishments.  Not so proud of some behaviors.  I'm not sure where I fall on this one??  How about you?  I'm pretty sure this is pointing to arrogance - in which case - whew, I'm good again :)

I try to not be Rude, but can be....

Self seeking... Ooooh... Ouch!!  Hello blog...
I hate to throw this phrase out there with this type of post, but I'm clearly an attention whore!  I love attention, well here anyway.  I don't like to be in the direct spotlight, but who doesn't like to be noticed.  That's clearly strike 2 for me.  I don't even want to know where I fall short next.

What is clear - is that I need to go back to the drawing board.

I need to go back to what love is.  How are ya'll doing so far going step by step?  It's not so easy.

Clearly love is more than just that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart.  The wanting to do all for another person, keeping them safe, caring for them.

It's totally surrendering yourself to someone else.  Whoa, hold the phone there.

I know that I love my husband so much more than I can even say - but when we disagree - I need to be right.
I love my kids as I live and breathe, I'd totally lay down my life for them - but am I always kind when they piss me off?  Um, probably not.

My friends - My family - love, love, love - but we disagree too at times.  Maybe I'm not always kind, respectful, humble - forgiving.

I'm putting this out there in a whole different way than I had initially intended to this morning.  I've deleted an entire post and started from zero at 6 am this morning.  Please be fluent in typo, please be fluent in typo.

I know that "religious" posts can turn people off - and well, sorry if you're offended.  If you don't want the religion, take the love - look at the love & feel the love, baby!

I always say - love is for everyone & it really, really is!

Thank you for reading my blog & have a wonderful day!!


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  1. Very good Jenn right to the point. You also just
    gave me some ideas for a new pome.



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