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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring has sprung - now I need to clean.... Ugh

Last night while sitting on my very messy back porch, I realized - it really IS Spring!

I could hear the birds singing & the weather was absolutely fabulous.

Then the thought struck me - Spring Cleaning.  Yuck!

That thought was incredibly evident because as I was rocking attempting to rock in my leather rocker from Costa Rica - I was also kicking aside paper recycling that didn't quite make the bin and all of the "stuff" I didn't feel like dealing with during the colder months.

Not really my porch...
I noticed that my beautiful enclosed back porch - which is my coffee drinking haven in the warm months, has become the catch all for the stuff I don't want to deal with.

Stuff - lots of it!

All the Play-Doh that I've hidden from the short one, along with all the accompanying accessories and  Moon Sand, which is even more deplorable than Play-Doh if you can believe that.

*Side note...Most Mommies do NOT like Play-Doh.  The tracking of it on shoes from room to room & it's lovely knack for getting itself deeply imbedded in carpeting truly puts the DOH in Play-Doh.

There's also all of the swimming pool stuff.  The heater, the filter - floaties & toys that missed the attic run.  Then there's a ton of hubby's crap.  An industrial strength fan for something - who the heck knows and just stuff.  (Trust me, I'd give you a full listing if I knew what to call this stuff)  Oh, and my Griddler that once upon a time was hidden in the garage.

Cobwebs have formed all over my pretty little hanging objects & the other rocker is buried deep beneath a pile of "WTH? ".

Time to brush it all off & set it up.

Soon the croakers will be out at night calling to me to come relax with a glass of wine.  Ok, croakers - your wish is my command.

All that aside, I need my quiet little haven where the birds are singing, the croakers are croaking and I'm enjoying my surroundings in peace.

For now, I need to get the broom and duster - start organizing the last few months worth of stuff & making my haven an actual haven.

Enjoy the beauty of this new season, and as always...

Thank you for reading my blog!


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