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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mommy NEEDS Her Coffee!

What is it about my kids that they feel they need to bombard me with questions for things that won't even take place for many months, the second I get out of bed??

They've known me their whole life (well, except the chickadee) do they not know mommy needs to grab a big ol cup O'Joe and shake the cobwebs out before I even open my eyes??

WHY in God's blessed name would they even dare speak to me?

I clearly do not look friendly.  I definitely don't act friendly, but here they come bouncing over at 6 am with - "Mommy, for Halloween I want to be a..."

STOP RIGHT THERE...  First of all, it's March.  Second of all - I haven't had coffee - I don't care and I don't want to care until  maybe September.  Get back to me then.  "Well how about my birthday party, can we talk about that?"
Um, again...That's AUGUST, it's MARCH - C O F F E E  child!  Get the point??

Now there's tears... Mommy's so meannnnnn.  Ugh, really - do I REALLY want to start my morning off like this?  I've given very specific rules - the one being no one is allowed to leave their room / bed until at least 7 am.

That's fair.  I'm an early riser, by 7 am I'm already up, caffeinated & potentially human - or at least on the way.  Much friendlier for sure!

I don't find that so difficult.  If someone would tell me -- please lie in bed until at least 7 am, I'd ask if 9 am were better & jump all over it!

Wait, it gets better... the short one has no concept of it's only 6 am...  Miss Jennnnnn, can so & so come over for a play date now?
Um, NO it's 6 am - I don't even want you awake and talking to me.  I certainly don't want anyone else's child here now, on purpose.  Go to your room.... more tears.

Can we win here??  I'm thinking NO.

But wait...Then there's daddy's input, "why don't you just let them come out & watch TV?"

Really??  Thanks, ol buddy, ol pal... Remind me to have them come and poke at you when you're having your mid-day nap and we'll see how we feel about quiet time THEN!

Really, I love the kids.  Of course I do - duh - but gimme my quiet time, will ya?

7 am - not a minute sooner!  Mommy needs her coffee!

Thank you for reading my blog!!


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