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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Positive body image....

When I look in the mirror, I don't see a "fat girl".

Believe me I know that I've got several pounds to lose.  I'm not nearly that 110 lb anorexic blonde I was 10 years ago.  I've porked out and I know it.

Do I like my weight?  NO!

Am I working to get rid of it? Of course!

Does it eat away at me so much that I can't stand to look at myself in the mirror??

Absolutely NOT!  I'm comfortable in my own skin.

Yep, that's me - Vegas 1999

I have this motivational picture of myself on the fridge to remind me that I should watch what I eat.

Every once in a while, I'll look and think wow - I looked really good.

Other times I look and think - WOW - she really needs a sandwich.

Then I'll think - Hey, that "she" is me!
Sandwich?  Don't mind if I do...ooh, and look - Ice Cream!

And we're back to 100 and fat...

Well, whatever.  It's important to be comfortable with yourself.  All of yourself from the inside out.  Of course I'd like to be a size 5, but I'm not.  Oh well.  I'm still me.

I want to be sure to pass this line of thinking on to my girls.  It's so important to have a positive body image!  If you have a cute little bubble butt - well then you own that bubble butt, baby!  If you learn to love it & let it be a part of you - when some smart ass comes along giving you crap about your butt - you can confidently tell them that your bubble is beautiful!

Things were so back and forth for me when I was younger.  This one was saying one thing, this one another - I was so confused about my sense of self.  Then one day, I stopped listening to everyone else & started listening to me!

My Bestie & I - Chicago 2012
I am definitely happier since I've lost 20 lbs and a pants size.  Am I at my goal weight?  Nope.  Do I like to be nekkid in front of the mirror?  Mmmm, not so much - but with nice clothes - voila!  Ever so chic!

I don't look and see Jumbo Momma - I see me!

That's what's important.  Looking at yourself and seeing through that blemish on your nose, or your big butt or whatever - look at yourself and see straight to YOU.  Love yourself for who you are.  Every single bit of you.

I know that I could definitely use a little polishing up, both inside & out.

When it really comes down to it...I'm happy to be me.

And that's all that really matters.

Have a fabulous day and as always, thank you for reading my blog!



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