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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chatter through the bathroom door....

When I was growing up, we were NOT allowed to speak to our parents through the bathroom door!

This was a solemn rule - one so sacred that my (step) dad was very clear to say that being in the bathroom was like being in church - no talking!

It became a long standing joke in our family, and for the longest time, I had a cross on our bathroom door.

That confused a lot of people, but it was a great conversation piece.

The cross is now down, but it still a fun memory.

As a mommy now, I totally get it.

I'm not a "potty reader" like hubby.

I don't have that luxury.  I do what I need to do & get out.

The longest I'm in the bathroom is to take a shower & that usually lasts about 10 minutes, but with out fail, the kids are knocking on the door - mom, mom, mom, mom, mommmm

WHAT?  What could you possibly need, child (or occasionally hubby) that cannot wait until I am out of the bathroom??

If no one is hurt or bleeding, if the house is not on fire & there is no immediate danger - it really can wait!

Nothing is so important that I need to be bothered when the door is closed and locked and NO, I don't EVER need to take a phone call while I'm in the shower.  I don't care who it is!

It's so funny how things come back around.

How I - once the child who felt the great need to ask for whatever while a parent was in the bathroom, is now the parent annoyed by my own children doing the same.

Perhaps I should put the cross back up & rename the bathroom the House of the Holy Throne.  :)

Maybe then I could get a peaceful shower?

For now, shhhhhhh...

I will always honor the tiny chapel in my home formerly known as "water closet".  It will be a sacred place of no chatter & if the door is closed, for sure - no talking!

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  1. hello! sent by Carrie's experimental kitchen! love this post... too funny. the cross, not such a bad idea!! i get the same thing with my kids. you are right nothing is that important where it can't wait.

    check out my blog when you get a chance! ciao ~b

  2. Thank you for coming over, Bridgett!! I'm glad you enjoyed!! Can't wait to read your blog!


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