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Saturday, October 13, 2012

White Trash Bunco!

Hubby calls it "Drunko" not Bunco
You wanted it, you got it!!

A week ago or so, it was my turn to host our Bunco group.  Don't know, Bunco?  Please click on the highlighted area.

How do I define Bunco??  First it's a dice game with a standard group of 12 women, committed to meet once a month to play (along with a planned sub list).

Each month one member of the group hosts & then we switch off.

How do I see our Bunco night??

It's our monthly girlie night out!
We eat, we have a few cocktails and we laugh out butts off for a few hours.  For the $12 cost to play - we have a full on great time AND you can win cashola!  Can you get that anywhere else???  Um, nope...

Bitches from da hood :)
Sometimes we have themes...
That's where the White Trash comes into play.  This was my month & my theme.  I'd post more pictures, but not everyone wanted their pic up.  Just in case anyone becomes offended, I only went by what Google told me was "white trash" - I do not define people on any level or use that term.  (yes, that's a disclaimer)

The first thing I needed to do, even before decorating and getting dressed - I needed to figure out what I'd wear, if I had anything or if I had to shop.  Luckily, in browsing the internet, it's really an anything goes type of gig.  One man's ceiling is another man's floor....  Leopard was mentioned many times, as were overalls, house coats, curlers, cig hanging out of your mouth, lots of blue eye shadow, blush & red lip stick.  As you may notice in the title picture, I had the eye shadow & lipstick covered.  Ok, truth - I went to Shop Rite and picked up those Halloween face painting crayons & also blacked out a tooth.  If you're going for the blacked out tooth look - don't use this stuff.  Not only does the waxy black crayony crap annoy the heck out of you in your mouth, it doesn't stay on.  Nor does the rest of the stuff.  Oh well...

I chose to use a leopard cami, leggins (ala Peg Bundy) and cut down one of my hubby's old t-shirts and used a sharpie to misspell "Sexy Bioch"  Also tacky boots which I had from another costume (yes, the shoe whore that I am actually purchased tacky boots for a costume)  Dollar store flashy earrings & darkened roots.  Ok - I'll come clean - the roots may be mine.  Oh, and lots of stick on tattoos!!!  I even had a "tattoo station" set up by the booze.

Decor...  Pfft... if you're going to do this - nothing says plain or simple louder.
The only thing I really did was put brown paper bags around things. Chinese take out containers, with rolled crumpled paper bags around them to hold chips, dip & candies for the tables.  A paper plate to hold a roll of crackers & a can of cheese whiz, chips - still in their bag thrown on tables.  I also went around the internet to get some pix of my kin.  This was one of the many pix I had around.  You can really come up with some disturbing stuff, and yes - I did!

I had signs taped to doors and walls pointing to where the toilet is.  My signs said "toilet this way" & instructions how to use it.  An after thought for anyone doing this - cross out "toilet" and write "shitter."  (Thank you, Carole!)

I had quite a bit of fun looking for stuff... the more I Google'd White Trash Bunco, the more stuff that came up.

OK, OK...I'll get on with it.  One of the things that killed me the most when I was looking for ideas is the time factor & just finding what I wanted and moving along...

Hors d'oeuvres:  Fritos - in bag or in paper bags on tables, rolls of crackers on paper plates with Cheeze Whiz (but only at the winner's table), pretzel nuggets
Cocktails:  Wine bottles put into brown paper bags, shaped to the bottle with Red Swill, White Swill or The Pink Shit written on bottle.  Drink of the night, Mud Slides.  Paper or Plastic cups.
Dessert:  Dirt Cake (recipe below), Twinkies in their packages on paper plate & cookies in package
Decor:  The simpler the better.  Bed sheets as table cloths.  McDonald's napkins (if you can get them), signs for everything everywhere.  Cheezy, tacky family photos.  Spell things wrong, X out people's faces.  For example in the photo above, I had written - "My Baby Boy" with an X through the girl's face & "The HO" written.  Just silly stuff.

You sneakin' from my still again, Trish?
Browse the internet & have FUN!!

If nothing is broken or spilled, it's not a party & there will be some drunken biotch looking to start a fight :)

Kidding of course - we had a great time with this & I hope if you ever try this you will too!!!

Have a great weekend!!


Dirt / Ashtray Cake:
Boxed Chocolate or white cake.  Bake per directions.  I split into 2 square cake pans - sent one off with my hubby & kids & kept the other for the ladies (because no one really eats the dessert anyway).  After the cake cools - spread on vanilla & chocolate snack pack pudding.  Crumble Oreo cookies and sprinkle over top.  If you can find them (I couldn't) get candy cigarettes & make it look like an ash tray with the cigarettes snuffed out in them.


  1. Trying to decide which I think you enjoyed more, the prep or the Bunco party. When I was growing up my Mom had Bridge parties. So if Bunco parties are the new Bridge parties, are we as a people evolving or . . .

    1. BOTH!! I had a total blast with this!!! I hadn't thought about the Bridge party thing - hmmmm - I remember that myself! Thanks for commenting, Karen!! :)

  2. Sounds like a BUNCH of fun. I love any excuse to get together & act silly. That's kinda my thing!!!

  3. Bunco parties are THE BOMB!!


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