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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Don't worry, I'll tell ya....

You never have to wonder where you stand with me.

I'm not shy - I'll say what I have to say and be done with it.

If I love you - you'll know it and if I'm mad or I don't particularly care for you- you'll know that as well.  I don't hold back how I feel in any direction.

I prefer to keep to myself most times until I'm comfortable in a situation.

People who don't know me think I'm conceited because I keep to myself.  Whatever.

Once you get to know me, you realize that's not AT ALL who I am.  I prefer my "Own Private Idaho" because I can't deal with the nit picky nonsense that goes on around me.

I'm not going to pretend to like you if you appear mean spirited.  I will be cordial - but we won't be having coffee dates and I won't play "the game."

No offense.  Would you rather I pretend?  No, I didn't think so.

I appreciate the same courtesy.  If you have a problem with me - tell me.  Let's get it out there.  If we're meant to be friends - fabulous, let's hash it out and move on.  If not - let's know that too - I'm good.  I don't like the phoney baloney game.

Please do not mistake my silence & solitude for idiocy.  I'm always taking it all in.  Observing what's going on around me.  Assessing a situation.  Deciding if I want to be a part of it.

Most times, my quiet observance has done me well.

And when it doesn't....  Don't you worry, I'll tell ya...

Thank you for reading my blog!


PS.  To my darling, dearest sweetie love...this isn't about you xxoo
I love ya more than my luggage :)


  1. I love this Jenn! This is me to a T. I definitely like to stand back and assess and I prefer my own private idaho too. One reason why the internet is so excellent. You can get to know people on own terms without being misunderstood as aloof. I'm the quiet type a lot of the time, (though you wouldn't know it from the way I blather on in my blog or in other blogger's comments as I'm doing this very moment. Great timing with this post, too, as I just got back from my son's school function and I hate those things with the the fire of a million red hot suns. They're like a bad office party and I'm Milton wondering why I didn't get my fucking piece of cake! (see: Office Space!) ;)

  2. love it. It's the shy ones who always come out of their shells. I was one of them. And people think we're just conceited, stuck up and don't have anything to say. And then years later we surprise them and then they know much more about us than they ever thought they would. Cheers to speaking up with a cocktail or sweet drink in our hands. Mine would be kahlua.

    1. Oh, I'm FAR from shy... I just stay back until I find my comfort level. :)


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