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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chasing dust bunnies.....

My sister-in-law & I were having a conversation a few weeks ago about my mother-in-law & how she keeps having to fire her housekeepers.

I totally get that, because I've fired many a housekeeper. (and I'm at it again)

Now you have to know my mother-in-law.  Unlike my spoiled little self, my mother-in-law is NOT a "have a housekeeper" type of woman.  She's always been a very hardworking mom and wife, who's always cleaned her own home, and other people's homes.  She came from nothing & worked for everything her whole life.

I adore my mother in law!  She's a tiny, sweet, kind, wonderful & humble woman, who has ALWAYS put EVERYONE ahead of herself.  The idea that she's even HAVING someone clean her house for her is amazing to me.  The fact is that she needs help & we're all too far away! (and she wouldn't let us help anyway, she'd be too busy feeding us)

Up until about 4 years ago, I always cleaned my own house.  Then I got sick, and I work & I often have many kids in my house.  So when I come home from work, I'm tired.  I take care of and spend time with my family.  Cleaning house isn't exactly tops on my priority list - but I like a clean house.

When I first got sick I genuinely could not lift my head up off the pillow, nevertheless clean my house - so I had to call someone in to do the things I couldn't.  But there I was, looking up and seeing the dust - still on my ceiling fan and the dust bunnies still running around under my baseboards & I was secretly wondering - did she even bother to clean under the couch???  Well, of course not -- so there I was - sick as a dog - AFTER the house cleaner left & I've already paid her, on my hands and knees chasing dust bunnies & scrubbing floors.  I wondered, why the heck am I paying someone to do less than what I am doing now...

Believe me,  I've gone the whole hiring a housekeeper route... I've had Merry Maids, Molly Maids, Polish women, Spanish women, local businesses - and there really isn't anyone who can clean my house like I do.  Or just flat out clean it!  I can wipe stuff down too!  Take some soap and water to that bad boy, that's what I'm paying for...

Is it really worth it for someone to just swish my toilet & wipe down my counter??  I want someone to do the BIG stuff - the stuff I don't want to do or don't have time to do:  Dust, scrub my floors, wipe down my cabinets, clean my windows, CLEAN my bathrooms & stove - feed me peeled grapes, tell me I'm beautiful & pour me wine - whoops, wrong fantasy....

I have a small house!  It's not all that big a project....  Why is that such a stretch for these people to get??? 

I've given up.  I'll keep my $ and go shoe shopping instead.

So if I don't answer the phone, please excuse me - I'll be running around in my Jimmy Choo's dusting ceiling fans, hopefully the wonderful Lucite shelving system my hubby will build me (ha, already Veto'ed) so I can view my pretty, pretty shoes & chasing dust bunnies.

Mom, I get it!!

Anyone know of a GOOD housekeeper???

Thank you for reading my blog!

Enjoy a wonderful day!



  1. If you don't find a good one...check out ! Great way to get on some type of schedule so you don't feel overloaded.

  2. My friend Chris does house cleaning. I unfortunately clean my own house, desperately could use a cleaning person, but not in my budget right now :( I can give you her # and you can try her. She is really nice, married Mom...and her house is very clean..

  3. I wish you lived near me because my cleaning lady kicks ass! My house smells clean the day AFTER she leaves! One time she found my new valances for our bedroom and hung them up!


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