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Friday, June 8, 2012

An award? FOR ME??? Thank you! I pass this on to....

I'm more than honored to receive this Kreativ Blogger award!

I could hardly  contain my excitement when my dear, sweet, bloggie friend
You Know it Happens at Your House Too
awarded me with the Kreativ Blogger Award!

Before I even go on, I can't even begin to say how humbled I am.  I absolutely adore this community and these amazing folks who put it all out there. The good, the bad & the ugly right alongside the hysterical, the happy and the goofy. I've learned so much from these amazing people (I hesitate to say women, because I've got some male bloggies too)
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!  Smoochies!

As with all Blogging peer awards, there are rules attached.  On a normal basis, I can be all about the "tis better to beg forgiveness than ask permission" rule - however, I love the opportunity to get to know each and every one of you amazing people!  (YES, I really do read ALL the blogs - ask hubby)  

The Rules:

1.  Thank and link back to the awarding blog.
2.  Answer seven questions.
3.  Provide 10 random factoids about yourself.
4.  Hand the award on to 7 deserving others.  (I love everybody, this will be tough)


#1. What is your favorite song?

My all time favorite is by my all time favorite... Silver Springs by Stevie Nicks.

#2. What's your favorite desert?

Any type of Italian pastry!

#3. What do you do when you are upset?

It all depends upon my level of upset.  If I'm mad, I ignore everyone.  If I'm really mad, I speak to no one and I cook and clean like a mad woman.  If I'm totally pissed off, I will do so while slamming doors, cabinets, dishes, etc.  It's not pretty.

#4. Which is your favorite pet?

I am in love with my princess kitty, Salem.  She is just like my child & by my side at all times.  In this particular picture - she is draped across my lap.  Love her!

#5. Which do you prefer, White or Whole Wheat?

Whole grain, but if I can only choose between the two, Whole Wheat

#6. What is your your biggest fear?

I think most of us mommy/parent folk have the same fear - losing our babies in any way.  I am always frantically checking to be sure bedroom windows are locked at night, that they're safe & buckled in.  I worry about all of the outside stuff that I have no control over.
If anything happened to any of my kids, I'd die.

#7. What is your attitude mostly?
For the most pat, I'm happy and in love with everyone.  I live my life in the positive.  I like to have fun, be totally silly & goofy.  I've lost a lot in my life, so I'm all about the "life is short, live each day like it was your last."  Smile and be happy!


1. I'm a Jersey girl - straight to the bone.  I live in the woods of Jersey.  Yep, there ARE woods in NJ.
I've got bear & all sorts of critter here.

2.  I' rather run right smack into a bear (as long as it's not a momma) than encounter ANY snake!

3.  I echo YKIHAYHT - I totally and completely despise mushrooms.  I'm fungus free & intend to stay that way.  Everything about them grosses me out - look, taste, texture..YUCK!

4.  I do not care what bodily function kids have.  I can deal with it all - but don't ever talk to me about anything that goes on inside your mouth.  I just threw up a little thinking about it.  Dental work of any kind freaks me out & the "A" word (abscess) will make me vomit now.

5.  I met my hubby online.  Not at any kind of dating site & not on purpose.  He was the product of a wine drinking, male bashing, girls night.  He was an awesome sport!  We met after a few weeks of chatting online & have been together ever since.

6. I am a total and complete shoe whore!  I will buy shoes that I know I will never wear just because they are pretty.  I have tried to convince my hubby to make me a Lucite shelving system, but he vetoed it.  Bummer...

7.  I've been completely on my own since I was 18 years old.  I screwed up A LOT, but I managed to stay alive, learn a lot of great lessons that have shaped the person I am now!

8.  My first job was at 13.  I delivered newspapers.  I've been working ever since & I have always loved to make my own money.

9.  I'm the suckiest liar on the planet!  I used to lie all the time when I was younger.  Mostly because I had issues.  I'm pretty sure everyone knew I was full of crap.  Now I can't be bothered.  I'm not smart enough to keep up with it all.  I prefer the truth and I can remember that.

10. I almost bought the farm a few years back.  Prescription medication almost killed me.  The doctors didn't catch it & kept prescribing me the meds that were killing me.  If I weren't proactive in my care - I wouldn't be here and blogging right now.  I thank God for this every single day!

Now...I have to pass this on to 7 other bloggers...
I'd love to award everyone, because I love you all!
This was not easy for me - AT ALL, and this is the part that took me the longest getting this together!
I wanted to honor newer bloggers - but I also want to honor  & show love to those who I've gotten so much inspiration from.  So here we go in random order.

The Award Goes To...

1.  My Upside Down Life:  I feel she's a kindred spirit.  I read her blog & wonder how she got into my life!  I love that she can put it all out there.  Even the tough stuff!

2.  My Group Therapy Another fun, supportive blogger! 

3.  FireandRabbits: Such a cutie & self proclaimed "off the radar" Blogger, let's give her some lovin'
4.  The Authentic Life:  Another Jenn!  She's always going out of her way to interact & help to support other blogs.  I hope to support her as well.

5.  The  Real Housewife of Santee:  She just cracks me up!  Great soul with an real, honest blog!  Amazing online friend - wonderful, supportive, sweetheart!

6.  Carrie's Experimental Kitchen: Carrie is my real life, honest to goodness friend.  I credit her with helping me to start my blog & she has been an amazing support ever since.  Car, I love ya!  Please go check her out - her recipes are amazing.
7.  I'm splitting #7 between FOUR other amazing bloggers who I've gotten so much inspiration and support from.  I know I'm breaking the rules BUT...

The Underachiever's Guide to Being a Domestic Goddess:  The ever gracious & wonderful DG - Love, Love,Love her!  She puts it out there as she sees it & she's an amazing support.
People I Want to Punch in the Throat:  Amazing and honest blog.  Someone who's given me great words of advice and support.  Love her writing & happy to have found her.
 I Want a Dumpster Baby:  One word...ADORABLE.  This is one amazing woman.  She's been through hell and back & is so amazingly genuine!  Love her!

and last but certainly NOT least...the one to honor me with this award.
Thank you for your kindness and support.
 You Know it Happens at Your House Too
I  absolutely love this blogging community and am humbled and grateful to receive this award.  I am honored to be able to pass it along!  Be sure to check her out as well!  You'll be glad you did.

Have an amazingly wonderful weekend!

Every day is a chance for a new start - make it a great one!

As always, Thank you for reading my blog!

Smoochies :)



  1. Thanks, Jen! I loved learning more about you. Congratulations on your award - well deserved.

  2. First and most important, congratulations on your award. It is well deserved and I hope you receive a million more.

    To say that I am shocked and humbled by your kindness would be an understatement. Thank you so much Jenn, not only for the award, but for your kind and thoughtful words.

  3. Thank you so much sweetie and CONGRATULATIONS on your award! Love you to the moon and back and am so honored to receive this award. I'd like to thank the academy....Oh, wrong award! heehee xoxo <3

  4. One more thing Jenn, I am a little challenged when it comes to this sort of thing, so please be patient as I figure out how to post the award, the links, the this and the that...And thank you again, you are awesome!

  5. It's OK :) It took me a week to repost! (I just copied & pasted into a page & then changed the information) xxoo

  6. "If I'm totally pissed off, I will do so while slamming doors, cabinets, dishes, etc. It's not pretty." Your anger might not be pretty, but it sounds like your house is.
    I found you through the TGIF Blog Hop.

  7. Hi! I just joined TGIF Blog Hop and followed you via GFC. Hope to read more of your posts in the future! :)


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