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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm forever misunderstood...

I think I'm just one of those people that folks get the wrong impression of before they actually know me.

I don't put on airs, and believe it or not - at first I can seem shy.  Some folks mistake my shy for stuck up, which I'm absolutely not!  Oh, and I speak my mind, which sometimes goes over like a lead balloon.

I have no time, or patience to pretend to be someone I'm not - or to play the secrets and lies game.  Not to say I didn't play that when I was younger - I was just never very good at it.  I'm much more comfortable being who I am.

Because of this, I am forever misunderstood.

My brother's friend, Pete, once summed it up when introducing me to his girlfriend...  "This is Jenn.  It's Ok, she's just overly friendly."  lol...  Ok, I'll take that - I could say I've been called worse.

I guess that's pretty much me - once I settle in, that is.  I'm pretty goofy and I try to have fun.  I do truly love everyone.

Also, being that I was always one to have more male friends than female friends, that didn't go over well with the wives / girlfriends.  Until they got to know me.

Once upon a time, I went to Virginia for a company Christmas party.  Families & spouses all went.  We were at the hotel lounge & I was having a good ol time.  I was married to Kyle's father at the time, who was there, and I was just doing my "Jenn thing".
Unbeknownst to me, I was being observed by one of the wives.  Now mind you, all of the guys there were my friends.  I was friendly and happy with everyone - wives included.
I had no idea I was pissing people off...

So about a year later, my boss at the time's brother was at the office doing some work.  Now, I'd known Leo (rest his soul) for YEARS, and well before his wife came into the picture.  He and I were friends, that's it.
So his wife called the office & while speaking with her, I was all bubbled over with happiness and congratulations for them since they were pregnant with their first child.
I had no clue she hated my very being...

I gave Leo the phone & went back to work.  Not another word was said.

A few months later, Karen came to New Jersey with her beautiful pregnant belly.  I took her out to lunch and she and I started to become friends.  After several months of doing lunches & dinners she finally came clean with me and said, "Jenn - you know I hated your guts.  Remember that day you were so friendly with me on the phone at the office?  I told Leo that he'd better stay away from that Jenn girl."  I had no idea, but we laugh about it to this day.

Seventeen years later, she and I are still very close friends.  As a matter of fact - I've been with her through some very traumatic times in her life & I am in total awe of her strength and character.

Just goes to show ya - ya never know....

I guess I get it - I would flirt with a rock, really.  It's just my personality.  I like to have fun & make people feel special & happy.  I do know where my line is...

I have mellowed with time & age.  I'm wiser and more respectful to people's feelings than I was in my younger days.  I do still love people & will always be me.

So wives, if you don't know me yet - you really do NOT need to hold on to your husbands a little tighter.
I will never, ever want someone else's husband.  I've got one of my own, thanks - and even if I didn't, there's enough single men in the world to pick from.  Besides - I know one day you'll love me too.  Like it or not :)

Thank you for reading my blog!


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