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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quit touching my stuff!

Do I sound like a 6 year old yelling at my sibling??  Well, ya know - that's how I feel sometimes.

I repeatedly say that I am very happy and in a great marriage.  HOWEVER, nothing is absolutely perfect all the time & sometimes we get on each other's nerves.  Ya know - sort of like siblings.

Living in the same house with someone every single day takes work.  Nothing is perfect all the time & you definitely trip over each other's things now and again, or like a 12 year old - try to encroach upon the other's territory.

If you have the "pleasure" of seeing my Facebook status' you know that my hubby was in the virtual dog house with me yesterday for....  Touching my stuff!

Yeah, there I said it - I'm a six year old and big bad Wag touched my stuff!  Not once, but twice this week!  First I couldn't find my Elway jersey, which he felt belonged in the basement closet with all the rest of the jerseys (NOT) then it was my Cusinart Griddler, which was in the garage...  Yeah, garage.  Why???

Ok, so can I get a flag here for encroachment??  Oh - yeah, wrong meaning, wrong story... Anyway - My kitchen.  I cook.  I need my utensils where I put them...  I mean, I'd LOVE to put my truck in one of the garages - where the bikes live, but whatever.

I don't play in his garage or touch his stuff, not that I have any clue what half the stuff is in there.  Don't touch mine - especially if you want to eat!

See, I told you - we each have our turn in the barrel & we each step on each other's nerves.

I hope to have  made myself clear about leaving MY things in their spot, but who knows.

Being in the same house with another person is always a challenge.  I guess the point is to make sure that the gears fit properly and things work themselves out.

Thank you for reading my blog!


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