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Friday, January 20, 2012

I love my kitties :)

I love all animals, but I'm definitely a cat person!

I used to have dogs - but my husky, Sasha, was irreplaceable - so I've never gotten another dog.  A piece of my heart went with her.

I used to feel that sadness about cats as well, having lost so many furry friends.  That is, until a former co-worker plopped my beautiful Salem into my arms.  Yes, Salem is a black cat :)  She is a very fluffy, beautiful princess kitty who is most commonly found directly on top of me.  She rules me, I don't rule her.  If I'm not up by 6ish AM she is sitting on my head purring loudly in my ears looking to be fed.  She also sleeps right beside me.  She is a very, very spoiled little kitty.  She is my kind, my side kick, my best buddy.

I also have my outside kitty, Petunia.  Well, she has me.  I always say, she's not my cat - I'm her person.  My daughter named Petunia when she was 2 years old.  That was her new word & she kinda liked it, so Petunia she became.  Petunia was a stray kitten back at our old house.  I, of course, used to feed her.  She's a pretty little Calico.  I tried to make her an indoor cat - but she tried to claw through my patio door screen to get out, so out she stays.

I spent the money to have her spayed & shots, etc - because as a kitten - the poor thing was pregnant & who knows what happened to her kittens.  She lived on my patio and I never saw them...

When we moved - we took her with us.

Now when I tell you that Petunia is a very cool cat - I'm not joking.  When I go walk around the block, she comes with me.  She keeps about 20 paces back.  If I stop, she stops.  When I walk to the bus stop to get the kids, she comes with me.  She's like a dog guarding our every move.  As a matter of fact, it's something that really stands out because it's so out of the ordinary for a cat.  Everyone who sees her do this laughs about it.

Not only is she a guard dog cat, but she's an incredible mouser.  She loves to bring me "gifts" and literally "calls me" when she's got something for me to see.  Moles, chipmunks, mice, rabbits - yes, rabbits, birds - Blue Jays more specifically.  She's a tough little kitty, let me tell you!  She will also take them away (most times) if I thank her & tell her what a good kitty she is.  No joke!

She is probably the toughest little kitty I've ever seen.  Not only has she gone on attack, to protect me, against a 6' rat snake (yuck) and scared it out of my yard - but she's also chased a bear out of the yard!

Everyone loves her, even if she can be a giant pain in the butt!!  But hey, look who her momma is :)

She's starting to become an old lady now.  She's in on the back porch most of the time now & will even ask to come inside the house once in a while to use the "indoor facilities".  She's another I'll miss when she's gone.

Some people don't get how human their animals can actually be.  It's just one of the things that makes me so sad when people are cruel to them.  The one thing those people could never know is that when the world turns it's back on them, the little kitty they may love - will ALWAYS love them back more than they know!

Thank you for reading my blog!!


This is for my friend, Trish, who sadly lost her fluffy best friend, Julie after 19 years...  


  1. Jenn~ Nice post, I've only had one cat, she was awesome... only cat I knew that retrieved like a dog. I have cat allergies now... not that I would want a cat, but it eliminates the possibility in a moment of weakness with the Pink One (Daddy pleeeease!) Petunia comes to say hello when I am working in the yard and sun bathes in our flower garden.
    Trish, I am sorry for your loss. For Julie to live to 19, she had good life and she was obviously well cared for...

  2. How appropriate that our little Petunia would sun bathe in your flower garden :)
    The pink one can come play with our kitties when ever she wants (once she grows old enough to meander up to our house)


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