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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Siri, I hate to tell you but...

For a "chick" stuck in a Smart phone... You're pretty dumb!

For example, the other day - trying to call my friend Carrie... 
Siri - call Carrie. 
Calling Steve Parker. 
No, no - not call Steve Parker - Cancel. 
Call Carrie - calling Steve Parker. 
No - stop - DO NOT CALL Steve Parker.
Text Steve Parker - Sorry Steve, my smart phone is dumb. 
Sorry, Jenn - I cannot find Stemysmar in your phone book.  Would you like me to search the web for a business?

Really???  Where the heck did THAT come from?

Ya know, when I had my not as smart Blackberry I was able to voice train my phone so she knew exactly who I wanted to call.  She never just randomly called someone else by accident, and she always asked my permission first.  "Did you mean call....?"  Yes, "Blueberry" (that was my pet name for my phone)... I miss you.

Granted, when Siri didn't live in my phone, Blueberry didn't grant my every whim - like where's the nearest Starbucks & play me some Jimmy Buffet, but when I wanted to call Carrie - she called Carrie.

Frustrating...But I wanted this, I asked for it and I waited for it - and well, I've got it.

Oh sure, Siri - say my Blackberry is a fruit.  That's Ok, some of the smartest chicks are fruits!  I ought to know!  And you need to go back to Smart Phone School!  Hmmpf!

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  1. hahaha And I think Siri is now butt dialing me too because a got a 2 ring hang up call yesterday morning! xo

  2. That's hilarious! I have heard that Siri has some I unfortunately haven't been able to get my new phone...upgrade is in March! Anxiously awaiting though...then I can have Siri calling random people that I don't want to talk too. LOL! Thanks for the giggle. :)


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