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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

After Holiday Chaos...

As I type, I'm looking ahead to a (very) dead tree in my living room with accompanying needles all over the floor.

I will never, ever succumb to the artificial tree thing - no offense to those who do.  I like a real tree.  I like the smell & I like that there's not yet another thing I need to pack up and put away.  For $10 the boy scouts come & take it away.

Christmas is officially put away, except for the dead tree - but I haven't gotten that far yet.  What a mess.  Needles, decorations, candy canes - little pieces of stuff just everywhere & boxes.

As this all goes on, my husband is helping me & the girls are playing nicely.  Chaos isn't all that chaotic today as I breakdown all the decor I worked so hard at less than a month ago.

I'd like to pass on a little nugget of knowledge that I've gained this year...Vaporizer!

Have you noticed that you get much sicker once the tree goes up, or comes down from the attic & you're all decorated?  Well - if it came from outside - it's probably got a type of mold on it. AND decorations from the attic or where ever ... also full of dust & mold.  The vaporizer, as I've learned - actually kills the mold associated with wet tree & dust!  Not only that, but it helps boost the life of your tree AND makes that wonderful Christmas smell emanate through your house!!  Love it!!

That, for sure - will be one thing that I miss as I put the decoration part of Christmas away.  I like looking at the pretty, pretty tree & lights - all of the red, green & silver.  It's just so beautiful - but I'm totally ready for the mess to be gone!

Hubby is currently sweeping pine needles for me, as I've expired and am to the couch (boo).

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season & that whatever chaos you have, or will ensue passes quickly!

Welcome to 2012!

I wish each and ever one of you a happy, healthy, safe & prosperous new year!

Lots of love & thank you for reading my blog!


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