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Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Brother's Temper....

For those of you who knew my brother, it is no surprise that I say no one ever wanted to piss Eric off!

I, of course, was an exception to that rule - I lived to piss him off because he and I were so much the same.  Only difference is I have a much longer fuse than he did, and I didn't haul off and beat people up.

Eric was one feared dude, lol.  He either loved you, or hated you.  Either way, you weren't immune to Eric's temper.  It's actually kinda funny looking back.

A few years after Eric got out of the Navy, he was at my house for a Father's Day barbeque with his son.

We all were having a great time in the back yard & the poor little kids next door kept peering through the hedges.  I felt bad, because I knew they were there alone.  It happened a lot.  I always let them play with Kyle so they didn't feel so alone.  Difference this time is that they were also visiting their dad for Father's Day.  I offered for them to come over a few times.  When they refused for fear of getting in trouble, I gave them some burgers, etc.  They were clearly hungry.

...And there's Eric - nostrils flaring.  Our dad died, so Father's Day without our dad was a pretty big deal as it was.  The more time that passed, and the more those little ones kept looking on, the angrier Eric got.

Finally, he couldn't take anymore...  he asked the kids where their father was.  When he found out that he was at the bar, he flipped a gasket.  He and my brother, Darren, got into the car and headed off to that very popular area watering hole.

Less than an hour later, as my brothers were strolling back into the yard, I got a call.

Seems my brothers walked into the bar & announced loud as day "Who's ***** ****?"  When the wise butt stood up & got mouthy with my brothers - my brother, Eric, promptly told him he was a loser father for leaving his kids alone while he sat there getting loaded.  **** shot his mouth off one more time & Darren stepped in just before Eric lifted my neighbor up like he was a rag doll & threw him off the Tiki Bar...  Eeek....  Shall I just say - the tiki bar portion of the bar had about an 8 foot drop.

That day has not been forgotten by anyone!  And I do mean anyone!  More than 10 years later, I still have people reminding me of that day, as if I could forget.  Another side note, my former neighbor was also my very good friend's abusive ex.  There was no love loss.  Even still, I was mortified to have this idiot living directly next door after what my brothers did - but suddenly I started to receive the utmost respect from my neighbor AND I received an apology from HIM!

There he was, black eye, bruised cheek a set of broken ribs & Lord only knows what else, compliments of my brothers, apologizing to me.

Yup, that was Eric - his way of righting the wrongs of the world certainly got attention and ever after reverence.

Me, I just miss that big 'ol lug!

Thank you for reading my blog!


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