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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Don't Blink...

One of the most common sayings I've heard about how quickly time flies is, "the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes."

Wow, that's no joke!

Looking around at my pictures, it's very apparent how true that really is! I see the picture of my beautiful little princess, who is now nine and over to the right where we have a collage when she was just two.  Then I look over to the pictures of my almost 3 & 5 year old "chickadees", who were only 5 months & 2 when I got them.  20 months & 3 1/2 when they moved on.

The biggest wow is my little boy...  a man.  Well, a young man - but a man at that.  How the heck did that happen?  I blinked.

All this being said, my boy has been gone, at writing, 22 days - which includes 2 holidays without any contact other than the typical "formal form type".  These days have gone so slow, I can't even begin to tell you.

Every day I run to the mail box for a letter, nothing yet.  I feel like I did when I was 12 years old - at my grand parent's house in NC for the summer, waiting for a letter from my friends.  No internet, no phone calls - just like the olden days.  This is surely a lesson in patience for me.  Have I mentioned patience is not my strong suit?

I've always been told to not wish my life away - which I never do.  I don't plan & I live for the moment - I do look ahead to my son's graduation in a few months.  Once I get there, I'm going to pry my eyes wide open so I don't blink.

Because I'm sure, the next time I do - my baby boy will be all grown up with a family of his own & my baby girl will be right behind him.

Don't blink!

Thank you for reading my blog!


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