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Monday, January 30, 2012

Music, Music, Music....

My taste in music is soooo all over the place...

My husband teases me because I go through my phases of listening.  I really just love it all - well most of it.  Since I was very young, my daddy always taught me to appreciate music.  So I do!  I try to teach my kids the same, and to shut the TV off and let the radio blare through the house.

Typically I'm a rock & roll chick to the bone - but I do loves me some country.

I'm fairly very loyal to my early morning & during work listening (shout out to Mike McKay & Donuts at Hot Country B95 in Eau Claire, WI and Jim Kerr at Q104.3 in NY), but after my morning guys sign off, I'm flip flopping stations and you can never have any idea what be blaring through the speakers.

Most recently it's alternative music.  Very loud alternative music.  Green Day, Blink 182 - blaring through my house as I move about doing my thing.  Quite the contrast to the country station I generally have on (don't worry guys, I haven't abandoned you) or even the Christian station I am also pretty loyal to.

I enjoy beep-boppin' through my house, but have also learned to be very on top of it - because my alternative isn't nearly as kid friendly as my country, classic rock or Christian music.  :)  I found that out the other day when I was teaching my daughter Brian Stew by Green Day and actually LISTENED to the words... whoops - that was an f-bomb and whoops, there's another...  Bye kiddies - let momma re-adjust the channel & we will dance later.

Another one of those things I didn't need to pay attention to as much before I had kids...

Hubby is preferable to country & I've turned him onto my guys out in WI.  The kids' Disney channel music make me want to stick my fingers in my eyes, as does gangsta rap and of the like, but everyone has their aversions.  All I care is that the music flows.

You know they say, music soothes the savage beast...  I can already see my kids running to turn up the music... QUICK, mommy has PMS - music, music NOW.....

Thank you for reading my blog!!

Now turn off the TV and crank it up!


Disclosure:  The statements and endorsements listed in my blog are solely my thoughts and opinions.  I am not paid for my endorsements, but if the mood strikes...  :)

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  1. Love me some music too!! I ALWAYS have something one. LOL! You are SO right about the disney channel music having me wanting to poke something in my eyes!! I'm with your hubby on the country! That's my jam! My hubby hates country with a passion!! LOL! It makes for interesting car rides! Have a great monday! :)


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