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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Road trip anyone?

Once upon a time, I was NOT well liked by the boyfriends of my friends.  Actually, I was among the most hated...

Why?  Road trips...

I took full and complete advantage of my single life while I was living it!  Heck, I had no one to report to, no kids & no huge responsibilities I needed to deal with.  Yeah, I had my dog - but either she came with me, or went to my parents house & I was outta there!  Anywhere!  I just went when I wanted to go.... I believe they call that wanderlust.

This behavior of MINE, was totally frowned upon by my friend's boyfriends.  Hey, I never twisted anyone's arm.  I'd wake up on a Friday morning and think - ooh, look - long weekend... Where to go, where to go - and then, just go.  I always had a packed bag in my trunk, just in case...

I'll never forget the time when my brother's friend was at the Navy medical center in Bethesda.  He called up & needed a ride up to our house.  Noooo problem....  So I called my friend, Kathy and asked her if she wanted to take a road trip.  Now - Kathy DID have responsibilities.  I thought I was clear on the fact that if I'm driving 5 hours down, we won't be back the same day.  Guess not.

So we drove down to Maryland, hit some of the clubs & having a great time.  Around Midnight, Kathy asks when we're leaving.  Leaving??  To go where??  Home??  Uh... I've been drinking and it's Midnight... We'll be leaving tomorrow...  Whoopsie...  Seems SHE neglected to secure her homestead. So at Midnight she needed to make a call to her boyfriend, who was watching her son.... It went something like this, "Hello, Derrick.... I'm in Maryland."  His return to that...CLICK.  (that's a hanging up phone.)  That was our last road trip together, but a story that used to come up as a good laugh every once in a while.

I was very different than some of my friends.  Yes, if I was in a relationship, I was respectful to it - but by the same token, I wasn't married -- see ya...  I enjoyed having my friends & going places - doing fun things!  It's what being single is for!

Which is really good that I married the man I married - because he and I were very similar in that way.  Both did the road trip thing in our single days & got the "ya ya's" out.  Now, being home doesn't seem that bad.

Don't get me wrong - every once in a while I wish I could just pick up and go - jet off to where ever, when ever... but reality sinks in & I look at my beautiful faces around my house & plan our trip to Disney instead.

It's all good!

Thank you for reading my blog!



  1. Came here because of "People I want to Punch in the Throat." Looks like a fun blog. We all wish we had the time and money to just go where ever, when ever. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for stopping in! Thank you to Jen @ People I want to Punch in the Throat - I'm going to check your blog out now :)

  3. Also arrived via People I want to Punch in the Throat. You do have fun blog with just enough optimism and snark! Thanks for the good read.

  4. Thanks for stopping by & for the kind words!


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