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Monday, January 23, 2012

My friend, Steve Parker...

Ok, laugh if you will - but my friend, Steve Parker totally deserves a blog!

I stole Steve, as far as I'm concerned.  He was my "old flame's" roommate and very good friend - and I used to call there A LOT. I was in my early twenties, had only been in 2 prior relationships - both very long term.  I had no idea how to properly conduct myself in the dating realm.  Also, they lived on the other side of the country - pre email, cell phones & texting (the horror).

In any case - at some point, I'm guessing that Troy had started dodging my calls (I would have, lol) and Steve was answering the phone.  He and I would chat for hours.  He totally and completely cracked me up.  Eventually, I started calling just to talk to Steve and all these years later - he's still my bud.

Now, one thing you should know about me is that I like to be in fairly regular contact with my friends.  If you are my friend I care about what is going on in your little life, so I call, well now I'll email or text - but that's just who I am.  Relationships & friendships are important to me & I like to be involved to keep the relationship going.  It's just too easy to lose contact & a great friendship falls by the wayside...Heck I even used to call to talk to his Mom, rest her soul.  Loved Mrs. Parker.  She was a hoot!

Ok, so back to Sir Steve, lol....  He and I have maintained a friendship for over 20 years - Bremerton, Cali, Louisiana, Texas, Michigan - I'm sure I've missed a few.  He's come and stayed with us a few times - once when I was prego & the other when I was in toddlerdom...  Think I scared him away by thinking crazy Jenn was gone for good...  Don't worry, she's back & really hoping to meet up in Chi-town.  And yes friends, my hubby knows & is cool with it...

My hubby loves Steve Parker to death too, so it really is ALL GOOD!

Not just Steve, Steve Parker...  why do I always refer to him with both names?  I have no clue - but all these years, he's Steve Parker.

Now knowing that Steve will probably be in Chicago with us (my brother, my Lynne & I) hubby mentioned that he'd have Steve Parker make sure I stay in line.  HA!  Really??  You want Steve Parker to babysit ME??  To be in charge of ME behaving MYSELF??  Sweetie, the last man who entrusted Steve Parker to tend to me in his absence got me returned back 5 hours later drunk on tequila... You sure about that?  lol  Ok, Granted - that was several years ago - dare I say decades without wincing???  eek...  It's funny, even typing this, I can mentally see Steve walking away from a bar with several shots of tequila in his hands.

Kyle's father was seriously annoyed by Steve Parker's existence.  All he ever said was, "of course he's being nice to you, he just wants to get into your pants."  Ha - well, if that were true or not - he's never been there & we're still friends... So phooey on you!

Yeah, I don't really know what brought all this on.  I'm starting to become very excited to get to see my SR graduate boot camp (24 days from this writing), so I've got my brain in rewind, reliving the good 'ol days.  All good.... but THIS decade's brain cannot handle tequila shots, Parker!  Even if I do owe you a few.

Ladies, my friend Steve Parker is once again, single & lookin' to mingle...  I hear he's a real stud, lol.  I can personally say he's an awesome friend & human being...  If he's a big ol pain in the butt, well that's for you to decide -- I just love him to death!

On that - STEVE - you need to come back!  Jersey misses you!!

Thank you for reading my blog...  If this is at all familiar to you, having met my bud... I hope you enjoyed the laugh... If not, hope you enjoyed it anyway...

Have a wonderful day all & thank you for reading my blog!


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