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Monday, April 2, 2012

My GOSH, be nice to your children!

I've been stewing the past few days over a situation that I genuinely have no control over.

A beautiful young woman, whom I will refer to as "Miracle" was having a very difficult day and confided in me.

She was sad because her mother, who is unstable at best, tore her down.  Not just tore her down - but shredded her sense of  dignity and self worth.

It was so inappropriate.

No mom should ever tell her little girl that she is fat, or crazy, stupid, ugly, or anything mean!

She should be telling her how beautiful & special she is!

Why in God's name would you look at your own child and think of that child as anything other than a beautiful little miracle?

If you can't be a mom, then let someone else do it!  Go live your life and explain to your beautiful child that you are an idiot.  Don't make them feel like they are the problem.

They aren't the problem!  You are the problem!

They didn't ask to be here!

You prayed for this child.  You wanted this child & you thanked God for this child!  Now that it's inconvenient to be a parent you're going to make this young woman feel unloved and unworthy?

How dare you!

You should be ashamed of yourself!

This young woman is a beautiful, angelic gift from God -  to you - and you just throw her away for your own self interests.

Grab a mirror chick...Last I heard looking like an orange safety cone with glowing white teeth - NOT HOT!  Ridiculous!

Get a grip on reality.  The world does not tilt on it's axis & rotate around you!

Who are you to be throwing any stones in anyone's direction?!?

I'm here to tell you - if you can't hack it - I'll gladly step in and give her the proper love an support a mom should give!  You can go ahead and get your spray tan or do whatever it is you do and be all about you.

Because ever since the day she was born, I've loved your little Miracle!

It's too bad you can't love yourself enough to love her like she deserves to be loved!

To my "little" Miracle - I love you sweetie.  I'm here for you always!

To the rest of you - please, love your babies.  That's all they need.

Thank you for reading my blog!


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