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Monday, April 16, 2012

No longer a "karaoke virgin"...Now, Karaoke GODDESS :)

Saturday night, my friends - I had my first ever karaoke moment.

Which in my mind - probably went sort of like the video in the link above.

Yep, that's right, ME.  I sang in front of people.  Not like singing in church, in front of people.  That I can do.

ME, with a microphone on a dance floor singing, loudly.  And I loved it :)

I'm not saying that I was good, I'm saying it was fun!

For years I've been saying, "There's not enough alcohol in the bar to get me to karaoke."

Apparently, I don't need any stinkin' alcohol.  All I really needed is my current little "I don't give a crapola" attitude and my good friends prodding me along.

It all started with Trish - who has an AMAZING voice.
I wasn't singing.  I was a "background dancer".  THAT, I can do!

Then, my friend Carrie said she and I could do something together.

Hey, just by the way...what happened to "Friends don't let friends drunk karaoke"?  Oh, right...sober.

Our choice...Leather and Lace.

THIS I can do.  I sang this song to both of my kids every night at bedtime for years.  I know the words - I know how it goes.  I can do this.

I did it..And I liked it.  I liked it alot.

It was FUN!

I'm pretty sure there were dogs howling in the distance - but I liked it.

Crazy like!

I was like a junkie on crack.  Looking for a fix.  I wanted more.

Yes, Karaoke Mistress, I'd like a song.
No, no - I don't want to wait my turn - I want to sing.  Loudly!

More, Karaoke Mistress - please I've been good.  I promise - just a little more.  I promise to tell my friends where they can find you.

Was I good??  I don't know.  It always sounds better in the shower.

No one clapped after the third time - or was it fourth?

Oh who cares!  I was belting it out like it was my job!

I left on fire.

I took my curtain call - thanked my beautiful hostess for the opportunity to reveal my inner Karaoke goddess, wished her a very happy 40th, and made a graceful exit.

I'm now staring down the karaoke machine my little princess got for her birthday a few years ago.  It's dust covered at the moment, but I know that I've got the karaoke CD's around here somewhere.

So if you hear dogs howling in the distance.  Or yours goes running & hides under the bed don't worry.  There's no major storm coming.  It's just me that they hear.  You know, that awful tone that only dogs can here.

On that, thank you to my dear friends, Carrie & Trish for guiding me gently into my newly embraced, Karaoke goddess.


Thank you all for reading my silliness & have a wonderful day!


Salute to the Karaoke Mistress...Colleen @ Karaoke with Colleen - go see her on Facebook!

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  1. LOL good for your...I still think there's not enough alcohol in the bar for me to try it, but I'm glad you did it and loved it :D


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