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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Til death do us part... (unless he kills me first, lol)

Occasionally my husband and I joke around about what will happen when the other one of us "goes."  He usually starts it, to give me a hard time. :)

For certain, I can say that he will have his work cut out for him trying to date, because our daughter would NOT make things easy on him.

I could very clearly see her sabotaging any/every date he tries to have.

He, of course, said there would never be another. (I may have been sharpening knives at the time, lol)

I told him that if he goes before me, that's it - I'm done.  I'm not getting married again, I'm done.  I'm good.

Not only do I not have the will, desire or patience to "train" another man - I'll never find another "Waggy."  And I don't want one!

He jokingly said, "no, you'll date.  You'll go call that sailor guy."

To set the record straight, the past is the past and that's where it belongs.

If my hubby goes - I'm done.  Truly!

Well, maybe I'll get a cabana boy?

In all honesty - I know I'm a pain in the butt!

It takes a very strong man to be able to handle me.  Yes, I said handle.
As loving, giving and caring as I am, I'm high maintenance, no matter how badly I want to say I'm not.

I'm  a temperamental, independent, strong minded woman who is very "set in her ways."  Absolutely, positively no piece of cake.

I grew up raising my two brothers.  I was the oldest.  I was in charge.  My rules, my way.  It's what worked and that's how I operate.  I have a very specific mind set of how things should be.  Like I said, I'm good.

My husband truly deserves a medal.
Lucky for me - he can deal with my quirks.  Oh, don't you worry - he's got a good lot of his own little quirks.  He was single for a very long time & fairly set in his ways as well - so our differences seem to work in a way that the wheels turn properly.
That is NOT easy to find!

And I don't want to even bother to try!

I may be flirty and silly - maybe a little outlandish at times, but when it really comes down to it - when I go home, if I can't go home to my "Waggy" it's just me & the kids (or the cat.)

Til death & til we meet again.

Thank you for reading my blog!


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