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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Top 5 Celebrity Crushes...

Yeah, I don't know why I'm going here... I guess I just thought it would be fun since I never post anything like this.

For The most part, I am not the type of person to go for the hottest guy who has the best of everything.  I'm more one to look all the way through.  To see the good stuff first & then appreciate the whole package - but it's always fun to look & be a little superficial...

So on that, I start with the youngest first:
David Beckham
Seriously...Do I even need to say anything here?
Beautiful!  He genuinely doesn't even need to speak.  He can just sit there and be pretty.
Who cares if he's got a brain?  Shhhhh...don't speak sweetie.  Just sit there - just like that and be hot.

He's also green eyed, like me.

#2:  Matthew McConaughey
Yowza!  Yes, he's always been one of my faves!
From the crooked little smile to the abs...My Word!
Who cares if he likes to play naked bongos while he gets stoned?

He's another one who can just sit there & be pretty.  But I do have to say - his little accent is also very cute, so chatter away.  I may not hear you, though.

#3:  Kevin Scorbo
Oh My!  Herculese & a Viking!
How can you possibly go wrong here??  You can't!  I also have a great deal of respect for this man.  He's battled major health issues in his life and pushed his way through while shooting the Hercules series.  He comes off a little arrogant, at times, in his book...but look at him.  Who cares??

#4:  Kevin Costner
I just love him!  He may not be David Beckham or Hercules - but he's just so endearing & one of my biggest celebrity crushes.  From Robin Hood to Dances with Wolves - I think I've seen every movie he's done - just because he's in it.  Still sexy at 56.

Looking at my list here, I guess I'm a sucker for blue eyes...
Last, but certainly not least:  Sir Sean Connery
From 007 to Captain Ramius and beyond, how can we not love Sean Connery?  There is nothing this man cannot do and his sex appeal defies the ages.  Look at him...81 years old & he's still got it!  Seriously!  And he's a man of substance as well.

Look at the other older hotties, who are younger than him; Robert Redford, Kris Kristofferson for example...both younger.  Neither held up as well as our beloved 007.

Rock it, Sean... I loves ya!

These are my celebrity crushes...A few didn't make the cut - but get an honorable mention.

Jon Bon Jovi
Jersey's own home grown hottie!  Almost 50, a devoted husband and family man.  Still rockin' it out & representing Jersey.  A great humanitarian and all around good guy.  Yes, he's smokin' hot too... but I could only pick 5 - so you're my first Honorable Mention.
My hubby (who will kill me for posting this picture)  
He may not be a "celebrity", but he's the king of my heart.  Because when it really comes down to matter how much browsing I may seem to do - he's the only "celebrity" that matters to me.

How'd I do?

Thank you for reading my blog!

Hope you enjoy!



  1. *slurp*...Oh Jeez! I'm trying to type a reply but I keep getting distracted by the pic of David Beckham...YUM! Just makes you want to lick whip cream off his chest! I think you did pretty well, there's a few I'd add/drop change around, but have to overall agree :D

    1. Ha ha, I think this comment has made me laugh harder than I have all day! lol Thank you so much!! :)

  2. I love Beckham, so hot, even if he does play soccer. OMG Kevin Sorbo, I was a Hercules and Xena freak back in the day. And Sean, oh love him. He gets better with age. I have a big crush on Liam Neesan myself, love him.

  3. Ok, I agree with Bend it like Beckham up there and Kevin Costner, still a hottie. But my first would have to go to JBJ. I used to love Matthew until I found out he always smells and makes his own deodorant (or doesn't use any, I can't remember) but that was a big turn off for me (lol). Hmm...not sure who the rest of my top 5 might be but Adam Levine is a hottie too. :)


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