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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Really? Must we be so literal???

A few weeks ago, I posted something on the I Heart Radio site about the song Brain Stew by Green Day.

Basically, I was listening to the song while it was on the radio & my daughter was in the kitchen & I cranked it up...and then...the F-Bomb... Oops.

Ok, whatever moving on.  

I was being goofy & posted on the website, "Apparently it's not such a good idea to teach my 9 year old Brain Stew, lol"

Wanna talk about getting attacked?

"What kind of mom would teach their 9 year old Brain Stew?"

"Lighten up and get over yourself."

"Why would any idiot teach their kid Brain Stew?  It's clearly about heroine."

"Don't post stupid ass comments if you can't back them up."

REALLY????  First of all... did everyone NOT see the LOL???

And the proper use of heroine is...
Secondly...  Do you really think I'm there with the chalk board outlining the entire meaning behind the song - all of the words, etc??  Um nooooooooo

It's called music appreciation, ya Jack Wagon!

It's HEARING the MUSIC & learning to love MUSIC.
When you listen to the music you don't always pay attention to the lyrics - unless of course you have a 9 year old in the room then oops...  next song.  But really, people??  To go out on a full scale attack over a stupid comment & totally trash someone?

Clearly you are unaware of my little blog here...Where I could possibly rip you to shreds with my audience of thousands...But I won't do that.  Because I'm a thick skinned little Jersey chick that knows you're just some literal, judgmental wahoo!  So poo on you!

To set the record straight to the chick who cut me down...When I was about 9 my father took me to a Pink Floyd concert.  Ok, in retrospect, that may have not been the most well thought out decision, but things were different then.

My point is...HELLO....He didn't take me because he wanted to teach me to get high (though with all the scents wafting by, it may very well have happened.)  He took me there to learn to LOVE THE MUSIC.

If you can't just love the music without listening to the lyrics ... you really need to learn how to just shut up and listen!

Thank you all for reading my blog!


  1. I always crank the song Laid by James everytime it come on in the radio. It has some less than desirable lyrics for the kids to be hearing but whatever, they are hearing worse from there friends.

  2. We like to listen to the local hip-hop station(but we listen to just about everything else too), just about every son they play has words that I wish it didn't have. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Nikki Minage(sp?I have no idea), Pit Bull, ect. I try to change the station at the worst ones, but ya know my parents never censored what we listened to so I don't get too nuts about it. My husband on the other hand freaks out! If you're getting negative comments, you must be doing something right ;D

  3. my middle son loves lady gaga. it gets weird when he sings "disco stick". my children live life with a constant stream of f bombs. i have no filter. it's pathetic really. but they now to do as i say, not as i do. anyone who doesn't like how i parent can file their complaints with my fuck off department. straight up.... with that said, she's your kid everyone who had a comment can pound sand.

    1. Bahahahaha... I've never laughed so hard first thing in the morning. God, I love you! hee hee... And I would kill to see a young boy rocking out to Disco Stick. Ohhh the things we can black mail our children with in their teens :)

      Thank you for your support & very funny commentary!


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