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Monday, April 9, 2012

Jersey "Ball Busters"

We Jersey folk are a rare breed.
Wearing this badge proudly!

We either love you or hate you, but an outsider probably couldn't tell the difference.

We're generally a fairly large group of ball busters.

I know I'm speaking collectively here & not everyone falls into this category, but the amazing people I am blessed to be around can go back and forth pretty good.  Nothing hurtful - all in good fun.

Bennys go home!
For those of you who are NOT from Jersey, I know you probably hear Jersey and think "Jersey Shore".

For the record, none of those idiots are actually FROM New Jersey - they just pollute OUR beaches.

Bring it!  We can take it!
You do need to have your skin be just a little bit thick around our crowd.
People who are not from here may think that we all hate each other, or that we're just really mean.  Truth is, we love each other to death.

I've been in a situation where someone who didn't know me very well thought that I was being really mean to someone.

If you know me personally - you know that I don't have a mean bone in my body.

I can get my back up, and I can be snarky - but when it comes right down to it I'll give you whatever I've got if you need it.

I find that to be pretty true across the board.  Because as sarcastic & snarky as we may be - we're a good bunch. Regardless of what you see on TV.

Back when I worked at SDL, for a short period of time Andy moved our offices upstairs.  Something he took back rather quickly, with good reason.  We had entirely too much fun up there!

At the time it was Sandra, Dina and I.  Andy also rented out a portion of the space to a young lawyer, just starting out.  I think his name was Joe.

In any case, Joe was a handsome young guy, but an arrogant ass most of the time.  Dina had a huge crush on him , but his arrogance irritated the crap out of me.  Regardless, we all got along famously.  We all liked each other and joked around relentlessly.  However, when Joe got up on his little high horse, we found ways to bring him back down to earth knock him off his high horse.

One day while we were in the office goofing off - Joe was acting extraordinarily cocky.  We immediately launched into "attack".  "Oh my gosh, Joe, why is the top of your head shiny?  I've never seen the sun reflect off the top of your head like that before!"

Mind you, he was 20 something - we all were.  A "shiny something head" was absolutely not what he wanted to hear.  "Wow, is that a bald spot?"

Now we had him going.  Yes, this was definitely mean at the time.  Especially because he began to obsess over it.  Even still, it became a long standing joke that he eventually came in on.  We would leave him "Hair Club For Men" (remember that?) pamphlets on his desk & his non SDL friends would send him the same.  What evolved was actually hilarious!

We even had a song (that he helped us come up with the words to)
To the tune of  2001:  Space Odyssey:
Bald, Bald, You're Bald...
Bald, Bald, You're Bald
No looks, no brains, no money -
maybe never...

Yeah, I know - it all sounds REALLY mean - but you have to know that we were all in our early 20's.  (and people weren't so touchy about "Bullying") We were all total goof balls & he was right in on this with us.  Ball busting!

He was FAR from timid and insecure.  He was quite secure about himself - believe me!

Truth be told, he was a very handsome, young, up and coming lawyer - who I do believe is practicing in Manhattan currently.

It was all in good fun & total poking at each other.  AND he added the "no money, maybe never" portion to the end of the song.

Light hearted Jersey ball busting - not because we hate you - because we like you.

Because, as Governor Christie say, it's "Jersey Style" - if we didn't like you, we wouldn't even bother with  you...

Thank you for reading my blog!

Hugs from your Jersey Girl!

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