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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rebuilding bridges...

Can some bridges ever be mended?

Are they worth mending?

What do you do about those burned bridges?

I know that some of the bridges that I've burned needed a bit of a fire.

Some I needed to completely set ablaze and let go of.

Being a person who doesn't like to eliminate people from my life, I sometimes wonder if I've make a mistake.

It's a real shame when someone holds an important place in your heart for a long period of time & then you realize that they're not someone you can trust with any piece of your heart.

Has that ever happened to you?

I had some stuff that I needed to let go of in order to move forward.

Part of me was glad to let it go, but the other part of me is so sad to see it gone.

Relationships should be two sided, or they don't work.  Both people should want it and work for it.  No matter what the relationship is!

Some people touch your life in such a deep way, and even if they aren't meant to be a constant in your life - is writing them off the right thing to do?  Even if it hurts to keep them?

I have had to take a giant step backward and out of some situations, to look from the outside to see if some people really are my friends.

Only time will tell.

Are you ready to re-build your part of the bridge?  Or are you good to just let it go?

Thank you for reading my blog!


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