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Friday, April 20, 2012

Nickelback - April 19, 2012 - Madison Square Garden Review

Along with my usual silliness, sarcasm and my very Jenn Words of Wisdom, I also share my totally unsolicited opinions and reviews of things - the good, the bad and the ugly.


On Thursday night, I attended the Nickelback concert at Madison Square Garden with my lovely friends.

Great show!

Yeah - I say that a lot, I know - but pre-bloggie days there have been concerts that I was DYING to see and then left feeling very underwhelmed.  I just didn't have the outlet that I have now.

First let's talk about the opening bands...  I'd love to say that I'd ever even heard of the band, My Darkest Days.  I haven't - but I also missed them along with Seether (who I love).  Bummer.

My girlies and I decided we needed to eat and have a few quick little drinkie-poos after being stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel & NYC traffic for 2 hours... So -- oops, no review there.

Am I disappointed - eh - slightly.  But I'm over it.

What makes up for it you ask??  Ok you didn't ask - but I will tell you... 

Bush / Gavin Rossdale.
Um Hello... Totally and completely smokin' hot!!  AND he took a little stroll through the audience from one end of Madison Square Garden to the other.  Seriously - he was 2 feet away from me - if he shook his head, I'd have had Gavin sweat on me.  Gross, but that's how close he was.

They did an amazing job & definitely left you wanting more.

The main event - Nickelback!

Chad Kroeger interacts with the crowd, which I love!  The light show & pyrotechnics were very cool - they shot "free stuff" out into the audience & flew a "space ship" out over the crowd.  They sounded great and I was disappointed when it was over.

I wasn't left wanting as much as I was with Bush - but then Chad is no Gavin Rossdale (sorry, dude).

Negatives...He drops the F-Bomb like he's being paid for each one.

I'm no angel, but I found it was excessive and it fell under the category of "not necessary."

I'm a big heavy metal fan & I've been to much harder shows where the guys are pretty raw & they didn't need to f-bomb it through.  Nickelback is really better than that.  I may be a "momma" but like I said, I'm a heavy metal rockin' mom...Don't make me get the bar of soap, Chad!

They also did NOT perform one of my favorite songs "If today was your last day."

I was sure that it would be the encore song - but no encore.

All in all...good show.

I'm no spring chicken.  My ears hurt & I was tired.  The show ended after 11 pm - long after my bed time & it was a long trek home from NYC to the mountains of NJ.
Strolling in at almost 1 AM on a work night isn't usually in the cards for me.

On a scale of 1-10:
Bush:             8 1/2 Only because they didn't play longer.  Their performance was stellar.
Nickelback:   7       Because they left me hangin'

Would I go see them again - most definitely!

Thank you for reading my blog!!



  1. My son went to that show w/ his friend and parents here in MI on April 12th (his birthday) he and his friends LOVED it, and got to see all four bands, they said that Bush was great, and Gavin also walked through the arena. It was my sons first actual concert and he was pretty impressed. He said he's not a big fan of Darkest Days but they were all right. He loved Seether too. They had a lot of fun!

    Glad you enjoyed your night out w/ the girls. I like Nickelback and Seether, don't know the other two, but I prefer not to go to concerts anymore, they're just too darned loud! I don't mind outdoor ones as much, but indoors I just can't take it know what they say, "if it's too loud, you're too old!" LOL. I'm not old, I just have a noise issue.

  2. I love Nickelback but LG hates them! LOL! How fun that you were able to go! :) btw, I wanted to tell you about my new blog about LG and I's dancing I'm going to still do my "little moments" blog. The new blog is ALL about our dancing! lol! anyways, if you want to check it out here you go. :)

  3. Hi, my name is Erika, I'm from Brazil and i'm in NYC on vacation with my husband and a couple of friends and I was there too. So, let me tell you what you've missed.
    Before: My Darkest Days is a pretty nice band and their gig wasn't boring at all. Powerful songs and a lot of energy and condoms (yes, they throwed a lot of condoms to the audience) coming from them. Then came Seether, starting with Gasoline and playing one song after other with almost no space between them (Broken, Rise above this, Cowboy song, etc.). 
    After: We went to eat something at the Pennsilvania Hotel after the concert and it was 12:30AM when we were passing by the MSG going back to our hotel and who do we find preparing to get on a bus? If you said Chad, you're right! He was very nice to us and we congratulated him for the amazing concert.
    Thats it!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog & for filling me in on what I missed, Erika! Welcome to the US! I hope you enjoy NYC & I'm glad you had a great time last night! It was an amazing show!!

      I hope you'll join my page & come back often!

      Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Hi! I'm going to see this show tomorrow in Philly and I just wanted to have an idea how long the entire thing was so I know what time I can tell my husband to pick me up :) Do you remember what time the entire thing ended? Thanks!

    1. Hi Mylinda! Thank you for coming over to my blog!
      It's a pretty long show! The start time was listed as 6:30. Nickelback came on at 9:30 & played until about 11ish. I'd prepare for at least 11:30/Midnight. Also - don't miss the opening acts! I missed My Darkest Days & Seether because we got a bite to eat first. I hear they were great! Also - you do not want to miss Bush!! It was a great show! Enjoy & please come back & tell the world how you loved the show!
      Happy Monday!

    2. Hmmm... show time is supposed to be 6pm here. I hope that I won't miss anything if I get there by 5:30. I guess I'll tell him that he should aim to arrive between 11-11:30 if they start on time. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks! :)

    3. Looking forward to hearing how you liked the show!! Enjoy!!

    4. Back! Overall, it was a really good show. I guess the key is knowing how long Nickelback's set was going to be and it was exactly one and a half hours so we were out of there by 10:40pm. Show started promptly at 6pm.

      I've never seen Nickelback live so I'm wondering if I'm the only person who observed that Chad Kroeger's voice seemed higher than the way he sounds on the records. There was an almost Mickey Mouse quality to it in a lot of the songs. Maybe Wells Fargo didn't have as good a sound system as I thought? Oh, and that UFO was really good. It brought the band so close to us. I really got my money's worth. Wish he'd done a Gavin though (walking thru the crowd). That was totally hot.

    5. Thank you so much for reporting back! I didn't have the same feeling on Chad's voice, it could very well have been the sound system. :( It WAS a fabulous show though!!! Glad you enjoyed it! Please come join my page! I'd love to have you stop back!
      Have a great day!


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