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Friday, February 10, 2012

Yeah, proofreading is not my speciality....Typo is!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, or even just today, I'm sure you'll notice that my punctuation, grammar and sometimes spelling or word usage are commonly off.  Oh, and I'm fabulous for my "run on sentence".

Don't judge.
Yeah - I'm not a good little proofreader.  Not that I'm an underachiever or anything, I just don't always catch it.  Most times, a thought comes to my mind and I quickly crank it out.  Sometimes - that time is while I'm at work and supposed to actually be doing what I'm paid to do (shhhh).  So I don't go back and proofread.  I crank it out between screens, hope no one is looking & get 'er done!

Also, I wake bright and early.  I try to have my witty little blogs up by 6 am for my fellow early risers, making proofreading on an uncaffeinated brain difficult at best.

Knowing this now, if I throw out a few words, phrases or a sentence doesn't make any sense at all...  Just nod your head and say, poor dear hasn't had all her coffee yet - and no matter what time of the day it is, you will be correct!

That is, unless it's a weekend & I'm feeling good - then I could perhaps have a pretty glass of red in my hand - in which case you will also need to learn to be fluent in typo.  Not fluent in typo??  Well, well, well... Now THERE'S something you didn't think you'd ever need to major in while in college! It should really be along side the Party 101 class & always remember to hydrate.

I became fluent in typo whilst attending the school of Red Rock along side my favorite classmate, Robin - who would get home and instant message me on AOL (this was back in "the day").  I would laugh like a mental patient, because between her enormously long nails & her blurred vision - her "I'm home" looked something like "i'ka toume" - and I would look at it and think - Oh good, my friend is home safe and sound.  Thank you....  whomever, for delivering my dear friend home safely.  Don't get that from "i'ka toume"???  Well close one eye & drink lots of tequila and it will all make perfect sense!  Ooh correction, Black Haus.  Right, Robbo?

Ahhhh, those were the days...

But, that's all I'm going to say about that - since my young and impressionable son may read this some day.  Momma was a perfect angel sweetie, love - don't you worry.  I was always the sober designated driver.  No matter what Auntie Robin says, mommy NEVER did the Nestea Plunge off the bar.

Ok, back to full disclosure...  What was my point...  Oh yeah, proofreading...

Well, whatever, you get my point.  Since I'm just rambling on now - I'll just wish you wonder folks a fabulous weekend!!  Rock out & do it safely!!

Lots of love & thanks for reading my blog!!


PS.  6 more days!!!


  1. omg too funny!!!! Hey and never forgot how you met your husband!!! ME! showing you how to search on AOL!!! LMAO!! XOOXOXOXOXOX Robin

  2. My friend...I happen to LOVVVVE run on sentences! xo DG


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