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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baby Brother for Sale

Nah, I'll keep him!  After 40 years, I've grown pretty attached to him.

I'm sure at one point in time, when you were younger of course, you've plotted some sort of destruction against a sibling.  My baby brother was always the safe one.

My brother, Eric, on the other hand - I'd have given a way to the first taker.
Funny, because now - I'd go deep into debt just to have him back for 5 minutes.  I miss that big lug!

I was happily blessed to have my "baby brother" accompany me on my trip to Chicago, along with my best friend.  He actually  had no choice in the matter - I booked his stuff & said you're coming!  He needed to get away and I needed some time with my little brother.

Yes, he was tortured endlessly, just by being my little brother - poor thing.  Lynne remembers him being the tag-a-long little sib as well - and he was trapped between two women laughing like escapees from the asylum.  He really did a fabulous job hanging in there.  Especially when we stormed his hotel room at 8 am demanding he be awake.  Love you Darren!

Ok, so back to my baby brother.. look at him, isn't he cute?? 

And yes, that's me - the doting big sister.  Aren't we the picture of happy loving sibs??  You'd never know I tried to ditch him so many years ago when I wanted to hang out with my friends, sans little brother... Ah, but that wasn't his fault.  He was just a little kid too - and he was a real cutie back then.

So, about my brother - you wouldn't know by looking at him - but he is actually the drummer of what was a once an up and coming metal band - Ten Feet From Murder.  Lost Soul Video
Not usually my kinda music, but hey - I had to represent for the little bro.  Can I just tell you, my baby brother ROCKS IT! 

Here's a picture of him on stage at Starland Ballroom warming up for Testament.  Anyone remember Testament?  They sound the same, but you really need to just close your eyes and listen to them play - because seeing them in spandex now is not a mental picture you don't want to carry with you.  Trust me!

Darren is also a successful plumber with his own business.  And ladies, he's single & looking to mingle.

He's a sweet kid - oops, sorry, I mean man...  Can't get away from that one.  His picker is just off.  Nothing against the women he's dated in the past (well not all of them). Remember the post where I said the gears have to fit??  Well, he needs to re-adjust his "picker".  (Look, Darren - I said the right word this time, lol)

Everyone gets their turn in the barrel in my little blog once in a while.  Darren, it's your turn!

In all seriousness - this is my "baby brother" - and I love him as he lives and breathes, and would walk through fire for him.  I may tease the crap out of him still (what are big sisters for) but I would also do anything for him and he knows it.

Darren, it meant so much to me to have you there with me in Chicago!  We need more sib trips together!

Thanks for taking care of your big sis and being an awesome brother.

Thank you all for reading my blog and my little "internet love letter" to my baby bro.

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. You are too cute Jenn! I love that you look out for Darren ! Lon & I love him as much as you do! Great blog by the way, keep it up! :) xoxo


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