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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dinner Woes...

If you haven't red this in a prior post, I am an American woman of Dutch & German decent married to a Costa Rican / American man.

Now, for the most part this doesn't cause any issues.  He's got a great set of family values & I just love everything about his family & the culture, etc.

Where my issues come in.... DINNER!

Being Spanish, he's very used to having rice - all the time.  Other things as well, but he mostly wants rice and chicken all the time.  I could totally do without rice.  Growing up, our family was big on pork, sauerkraut, cabbage and potatoes.  My Pop Pop taught me to make his famous stew & that anything with almond paste is amazing!  That's what I like and I would eat pork & mash every night, in a different way and be completely happy.  My husband HATES pork and almond paste!  Hates it.

This puts a huge damper on my cooking mood, because I'd make a loin, roast or chops at least once a week if I could.  And I'd have a boterletter every morning with my coffee if I could.  Well, not the whole letter - but yummmmm!!

I don't mind cooking Spanish food.  I know that I'll never be nearly as good at cooking anything as well as my mother in law, but I do Ok.  I like Spanish food - but I don't want to eat it all the time.  I like to mix it up - a little of this, a little of that.

Another thing is that the kids are a little difficult to please.  I have one little one who thinks everything is "spicy" and another one who would eat snacks for every meal if she could.  I have to "hide" veggies in "casserole" type dishes like Taco Lasagna or Cheeseburger pie...  These things make the kids' eyes light up - hubby, not so much.  I gotta tell ya - he's not usually a picky guy when it comes to food.

I guess to some degree it's fine - because I'm the cook - so I do what I want anyway.  On the nights when I know he's going to turn up his nose at what I've cooked, I make sure that there's a happy little left over that he'll enjoy instead.

Ugh...  Who'd have thought??

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  1. you forgot Arlenes never ending pot of pasta sauce!!!!

  2. I have forgotten that intentionally, lol.... Darren, on the other hand, will have life long gastro issues as a result of that... hahahaha
    (I was referring more to grandparent cooking - hee hee)


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