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Monday, February 27, 2012

Beauty is only skin deep

One thing that I take pride in about myself is that I've always been able to look past the exterior of a person and see their heart.

In a society that's all about beauty and fashion, the bigger better deal - that's not easy to come by.  I was once told by someone (and if you're reading this, yes - I'm calling you out) that he was superficial.  He flat out told me that that when I was 40, he'd trade me for two 20 year olds.  Well Ok then...

Personally, I feel that I've blown up like a wood tick since I got sick - but once upon a time - I was a tiny little size 1 with six pack abs. That's right, I was a pretty hot little chickie.  The only problem is that was all the guys saw.  No one really saw my heart - or cared to, so aside they went.
That was really sad to me - because I am a really kind and loving woman with a huge heart.  I never wanted to be the little trophy.  I wanted someone to love me for me.
I'm also pretty smart.  I had to play that down A LOT in business, where in walked the tiny little blonde & no one cared what I had to say.  I didn't like that much.
Ok - fine - I'm not going to lie - it did open quite a few doors for me without having to try so hard, but when it came down to the time for me to strut my stuff, I became frustrated because no one wanted to hear it.  Then I became a little bitch.  Oh and no one wants to hear that either, just by the way.

I was never the type of person to go looking straight for the 10.  They were entirely too much work, and I never wanted to be with a man prettier than me.  If it takes you 2 hours to get your hair done, see ya...I want a man who's a MAN!
I was raised, during my teen age years, primarily by my step dad.  Navy.  So that means we had a very regimented household.  Things happened in a certain way in a certain amount of time.  As a woman who has a husband, a Marine, waiting on her - it works to his benefit, because I can genuinely get up, showered, dressed, made up and out the door within a half hour.  No lie. So why the heck would I want to wait for some man to take 3 hours to primp??  Uh, no thanks.

I do get the fact that physical attraction is what brings people together initially.  Physical attraction has never been the thing to really get me.  It may catch me, but it seldom kept me.  I can remember being - I don't know - 20 maybe & I ran into this REALLY hot guy from high school - and when I say hot, I mean jaw dropping OMG hot.  He asked me out and we went out on one date.  Absolutely nothing between the ears - nothing.  I did hang out with him a few other times in a group to see if I was mistaken, but nope - nothing.  Not to say that all hot guys are dumb as a stump, but this one surely was.

So why are we not looking more deeply at a person?  Why do we not see the inner beauty of someone?  I don't get it.  I know some amazing men, single and not butt ugly either!  What the heck??  This, of course, goes both ways, I just currently have more single male friends than single female girlfriends.  I believe that if people would look more deeply, they could see what's real - instead of getting all caught up in the pretty packaging.

Not for nothing, but that tiny little ring box with the pretty wrapping & pretty bow could very well contain a big ol rock - and not the sparkly shiny one you were hoping for!  I use the ring box analogy, because I once got earrings in the small package - my heart was beating so fast, I thought oh my gosh, this is it & then earrings...He has since redeemed himself many times over, but to this day, I hate those earrings!  My point is - that you need to look beyond the outer package.

I met my husband online - back before it became the thing to do.  Total fluke, totally unexpected and not what I was looking for.  This meeting gave me the opportunity to know him (and fortunately he was NOT a closet ax murderer) and really enjoy the person he was before I met him in person. I got to peek inside the box and then get a look at the wrapper.  And even if he was butt ugly, which he is of course NOT - I still love the person he is.  I love his heart.  He is a wonderful an amazing man, who I am truly blessed to be with.

So quit looking at the pretty packaging.  Quit looking at the box & peek inside.  It's what's inside that will matter - not the pretty pretty packaging.

Beauty is only skin deep... in time, beauty fades & all you're left with is what's inside.  Is it a rock or a shining diamond?

Thank you for reading my blog!


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