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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

There's nothing better than girlie time!

Now that I've worked through the whole "Jenn Behaving Badly" thing, it's now time to flush my brain, let it all come out through my fingers into my blog & focus on the highlights of my weekend.

No offense to my brother, other friends or the prime reason for my trip, but I genuinely had the most fun on my trip to Chicago in the hotel room with Lynne.

She and I spent so much time talking and laughing, that I continually bust out laughing just thinking about it.

I've always known how important my girlfriends were, but I miss quality time.  It's so important and so hard to come by when you're on the kid/work/family schedule.  Lynne and I haven't had time like that together just laughing over complete ridiculousness in longer than I can even remember.  It was really nice & it was great to connect again on that level.  To just laugh over the silliest stuff and I'm giggling as I type this out.

Yes, we talk every day - multiple times a day and we've traveled together with our families - but this alone time was priceless, really.

If you're a guy reading this, I don't think you'd understand & I'm not sure I want to know the mental picture you've created.  Women, you get it...  We could sit around for hours talking & when asked what we were talking about - not come out with a single thing a man would understand.  I'm pretty sure we like it that way.

So cheers to my girlie!  Thank the good Lord for sandwich makers - even if there weren't any on that cheap ass plane!  xxoo

If you haven't had alone time away with your girls lately - GO!  We momma's need to get out and be who we are on a different level.  That place where there are no children and you don't necessarily need to hold your tongue or be on your best behavior.  Just cut a little loose & have a great time!

Personally, I need to do this more often so that I'm not like an escapee from the asylum.

Thank you for reading my blog!


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