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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Abusive A'Holes.... RANT!

Not for nothing - but back the heck off, bud!

No, no - not you -- I love you people :o)

It's not even me that's being picked on.  I'm well beyond that crap now....  Not to say that I haven't been sucked into an abuse cycle at one time in my life.  Which is why I now write this.

I have been seeing so much abuse around me lately, in life and on television.  I see the same cycles repeating over and over again & then hear stupid comments like "wow, they must really have a weak and needy disposition"  Or, "they must not have a backbone."

Well guess what- that's a bunch of crap.  Don't tell people that!!  You're as bad as the abuser when you go there!

Everyone goes through a time in their life when they're down on them self for one reason or another - and all it takes is one weasely s.o.b. to swoop in - pretend to be their savior and then drag them down even further.  Some people are strong enough to recognize what's going on and get out.  Some people need to be told - and others sadly succumb to their abuser.  Even worse - and there is worse than succumbing to your abuser...  Someone so young that they think that the abuse they are experiencing is normal & acceptable behavior.

I have individuals around me who are/were in abusive situations.  I would just love to wrap my arms around the world and shield everyone if I could, but I can't - so what I will say is, if you're being abused & someone else close to you is being abused - do NOT defend your abuser to this other person.  Do not tell them that they are "sorry and will never do it again".  Do not cram this person down their throat - and do NOT do it while sporting a black eye!  Also, DO NOT STAY!  I don't care how much this person may say that they love you.  Clearly they don't love you enough to not drag you down to make themselves feel superior.  THAT is NOT love, that is submission.

I WAS once in a situation where I was dragged down and made to believe I was & undeserving.  Yes, me!  I was that person for a short period in my life.  I was going through a really difficult time personally.  I had some things I was feeling badly about & yes, someone swooped in and made me feel worse about myself.  I'm a reasonably intelligent woman.  I have always made good money, supported myself, kept myself well, provided a nice home, etc - yet I was in a situation where I believed I was terribly undeserving of feeling happy or being treated well.  And no matter how hard I tried to love and spoil the other person - it was never good enough.  Looking back - I can't believe I was ever that person.  For any amount of time.

I'm feeling pretty naked here as I write this, I want you all to know.

Something else you all need to know is that you ALL have value.  You all have amazing beauty & worth.  Even if you aren't the best cook or house cleaner - I'll be you can make a mean reservation &  be absolutely gracious doing so!  Rock it!

If someone else is dragging you down - it's THEIR insecurities they're trying to hide.  Not your lack of anything.

I have someone - actually a few young someones that I am dedicating this to.  Some who will read this and thank me quietly, others whom I can protect - and maybe someone I don't even know.

Remember one thing - God don't make no junk!  You ARE beautiful, special and important!

Thank you for reading my blog!


If you are, or know someone who is being abused - or if you are not sure, please contact the National Abuse Hotline     Calls are confidential.

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