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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I've been motivated by random intenet Cupids......

First of all, let me state loudly - that I truly believe Valentines Day to be a "Hallmark" holiday.

Sorry, single ladies and hopeless romantics.  That's just the way I feel.  If you only feel the love one day a year, wow - that's gotta suck!

I can feel the virtual barbs coming at me from all directions.  I've probably not always been so cynical, but I'm also very happily married now to a wonderful man who brings me flowers for no reason.  Every day is Valentines day.

So I've been scanning many of the blogs I read online & decided to go ahead and jump on the bandwagon.

Today, I will answer the long asked question, "How did you meet your husband?"

Rewind the clock to 1999...  And no, tonight we are not going to party.
This night - we are male bashing.  My girlfriend, Robin and I.  We are having a girlie, wine drinking, male bashing evening to be more specific.

Let me set the scenario....  I am going through an UGLY, UGLY divorce.  I'm lookin' pretty hot, since I've been on the nervous break down diet that goes along with ugly, ugly divorce & weigh about 110 lbs.  My son is visiting with the other party involved in his arrival to the planet & I am totally and completely dissatisfied with the dating scene. The one person I would have considered lived a million miles away.  I was almost duped by some married dude who pretended to be single & the singles market was just yuck.

Robin and I have had several glasses (mind you, a wine bottle is glass) of wine.  We were very giggly and decided, hey - let's go on AOL and find some loser to mess with.

Robin was very well versed in the whole AOL instant messaging thing.  I was an eager student.  She dialed up (yes, dial up) and searched the AOL online site.  "Gimme some criteria".... "Huh??"  "Criteria, gimme some criteria."  "What the hell are you talking about???"  "You know - a search word give me something"   "Um OK... September??"  I have no idea what the hell she's doing or talking about.  So she types, September...  Harley...  (that was all her).  Only person to pop up online....  My dearly beloved.  So we decided to mess with him.  I have to admit, he was an incredibly good sport - because we probably weren't all that nice, being half in the bag and all...  Personally, I'd have clicked out & blocked forever.

Anyway, night over...  Unbeknownst to me, Robin saved this random guy to my friend's list.

Now day #2 I'm logging onto AOL waiting, waiting... and there's an IM -- What the??

My brain went into rewind, uh oh....  I apologized & explained the situation.  Turns out, he was really kind of a nice guy.  Behind the computer anyway.  In real life he could have been a mass murderer.  After all, he was a scary, scary biker dude.  I kept him in my online friends list & chatted with him randomly.  We became "friends."

A few months later, I was again child free for the weekend.  My dear sweet child sent off, once again, to planet whatever for visitation...and I also had no girlies to hang out with.  So, online I went... And there he was - online too.

I'm pretty bold, so I said listen, I'm bored.  My friends are out, my son's not home - want to meet me for a drink?  He, of course agreed.  Did I mention I was incredibly hot back then?  lol

Considering I wasn't really sure if he was a mass murder or not - I was very careful about this scenario.  I chose the meeting place.  Someplace I knew I was safe, comfortable - and that if my mutilated body was found in the rest room - they would know who to contact.  I also brought my cell phone, my pager & had friends randomly show up to be sure I was safe.  All bases covered.  Oh, and one more thing - I was very clear that I DID NOT WANT A BOYFRIEND.  THIS WAS NOT A DATE.  THIS WAS JUST ME BEING BORED & NOT WANTING TO LOOK LIKE THE TOWN ALCOHOLIC WARMING A BAR STOOL!  GOT IT?

All terms agreed to.  No problem.

When I showed up, he was already there.  I was a nervous wreck, but he looked harmless enough.  We had a few drinks & talked - my pager went off, my phone rang with the "emergency phone call" which I didn't need & then my friends showed up to be sure all was well & all really was well!

We've been together ever since.

It just goes to show - ya never know!

So thank you, my Robbo for finding some "loser" who actually ended up being my "Jackpot".

I wish you all love and happiness, not just today - but EVERYDAY!!

Thank you for reading my blog!!



  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Strange how things happen!!! "a wine bottle is a glass" too funny!!
    didnt we go to Shortways to meet Wags for first time????? love you ! and thanks!!!! xcoxoxooxoxo

  2. Yes, Shortway's it was! Dear, sweet Margie - rest her beautiful soul! Let me climb up on the bar & take the giant pumpkin that was hanging up. She always looked out for her peeps :)


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