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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not sweating the small things...

I was told that in order to properly enjoy life that I shouldn't sweat the small things...

Not an easy task for an anal retentive Virgo who likes everything to be orderly and in it's proper place.

Having children in my house - all the time, I've accepted the fact that my house will never be truly clean.  There will be toys, there will be stray socks & shoes & yes - you may rest your arm in something sticky.  Sorry about that...

I've been trying to weigh what's really important.  Is it important to let the kids have fun, or have a spotless house?  I'd much prefer the spotless house - but a happy child is good for the sanity as well.

So what's important?

When I posted the phrase of not sweating the small stuff on Facebook a while back, I got a reply that when all the small things add up, they become a big thing.  I guess that can be true, and incredibly overwhelming.

My ex-sister in law helped me put this into perspective a while back.  When fretting over some things that I had no control over she said, "Jenn, will any of this matter to you in 10  years?  In 5 years?  How about even 1 year?  If not, who cares."  I guess sometimes it's good to have an outside perspective.


When life's little troubles start piling up and getting to you - think about it...  Will any of this matter in 10 years?  Then take it from there.

I wish you all a stress free day & the ability to not break a sweat...

Thank you for reading my blog!

Big Hugs!


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