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Friday, August 17, 2012

Are you wearing that on purpose?

I am not the judgmental type.

I generally roll along with the given life theory of que sera sera...whatever will be, will be.  This was all my dad's doing - the peace, love and tie dye pappa that raised me to believe that we're all individuals - unique and special (just like everyone else).

This, in my mind, is why when I see the outlandish outfits some kids put on, I just view it as their expression of individuality.  Hair grows back, ear holes close (just not those really friggin' big ones - so don't do it) not a big deal.

To some degree it's fine... Then you really have to say -- come on now... Don't you have a friggin' mirror?

I can often BE that fashion faux pas, so who am I to say?  I wear what I like, what I think looks good & expresses my unique personality and what's comfortable without looking trashy or ready for bed. While I am a mama, I don't own yoga pants (no one hit me please) and I never leave the house without a shower, my face on and dressed appropriately.

Driving through an area I don't usually frequent - I noted some of the outfits on the people around me. Now don't for a second think that I'm going to get stereotypical here - because not all of the "holy crap what is she wearing?" was specific to race or gender.  It was across the board horrific!

Put it away
Yes, it's hot out.  It's summer, sweetie cakes.  That doesn't mean all your what nots needs to be hanging out everywhere!

I'm no longer a skinny mini and I'm not a total "big girl" but let's face it - I KNOW that I no longer possess that hot 20/30 something body I was once so proud of and ya know what... I cover that crap UP.  I know that spandex and I are not friends, unless it's UNDER my clothing trying to help me fit into that smaller size & keep things in check.

It's an undergarment... NOT the outfit.  No one needs to see that!

I get that not everyone is meant to go through life as a size 5.  I am one of those not size 5 people - but these young girls/women should not aspire to be size 16-20 - nor should they be wearing a size 8 at a size 18.  Sheesh...

Uh, and skinny girls - you're not off the hook either.  Just because you CAN wear a tiny little top where everything up to your what nots show - but just not all of your what nots, doesn't mean anyone wants to see it.  Well, maybe they do - but don't get all mad that they're looking.  You're showing!  What do you expect?

Not Sexy Either
This isn't about body image - and I don't think that every young girl or woman should be a size zero.  I was a size zero once upon a time and I was not healthy.  I fell into the skinny's in bull crap - that was not my body.  I don't feel girls should be waifs .  I believe they should pay attention to what they put into their bodies to be healthy..and then what they wear to either tone down or accentuate their bodies - to be comfortable with themselves.

It's about self respect and respect for others.  Feeling good for the right reasons.

Pull UP your friggin' pants!
While we're talking about things hanging out, I'm not just picking on the girls.  This is an across the board rant.  Guys... I do NOT want to see your ass!  Do you know what's worse than your pants hanging down past your ass crack?  Skinny jeans pulled down past your ass crack.  Um... Why?

Pull up your pants.  Have some respect for yourself & respect for others.

You can't let it all hang out & then get pissed off when people stare or say something.  Sure - go be different.  Letting your ass hang out is not different - everyone's doing it.  Letting all your what nots show for the world to see isn't different.

Put that crap away!


Now go check yourself in the mirror and get outta here!

Take a smoochie before you go :)

Happy weekend & Thank you for reading my blog!!



  1. LOVE THIS!!!! The stuff people wear in the summer kills me!!!! Sometimes when the weather gets warm I want to go blind! haha

  2. HA Ha...this was HYSTERICAL!
    "what nots" and that picture "put it away" made me laugh out loud!
    Darrin came up with a solution for Steven to pull up his pants, wear a belt and keep it that way. He told him that if he sees his boxers one more time, that he would go into his dresser, remove all of his boxers, and replace them with Fruit of the Loom tighty whities. Yes, this worked.

  3. Laughed SO hard at "put it away". Great line. That and "crack kills". HA! I just told my 12 year old son TODAY to pull his pants up because he was doing that thing...that thing I swore my children would never do. He pulled them up to chest height and did the Erkle. So be it. But my kid isn't going out looking like a jack ass. You know how it is at the mall here in Jersey. *shudder*. This is a GREAT post Jenn! Up top, woman!

  4. I really loved this one - and yes I laughed many times reading this. I'm very glad to see another Jersey girl that isn't afraid to not be politically correct! LOVE THIS.
    Thanks for sharing - I will be back often I am sure. Now we have to get you at least as many followers here as on your facebook page .... going to be spreading the word.

    1. Welcome, Jersey!!! Always happy to have another Jersey Girl on board!! Just added you too!! Happy to meet you & thank you for coming on over :) xoxo

  5. Amen sister! Love it as usual! Thanks for linking up again, it just wouldn't be the same without you!


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