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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The "Junk" Drawer...

If you've never heard this term, its the place (usually in the kitchen) where one of the drawers contains all the odds & ends you may ever need...

The things you may need in a pinch but don't necessarily want to have a "spot" for, but you don't want to have to hunt for it either.

My junk drawer(s) contain a hammer, rubber bands, thumb tacks (ouch), stuff like that.  Well, at least that's what the one in the kitchen contains.

Um - one of the junk drawers in the kitchen.
I actually have two in the kitchen.  The other is in my "desk" - and that has take out menus, pens, paper clips, staples, scissors, more take out menus & a ton of crap I didn't feel like dealing with.

Anyone else have this issue??

Trust me, mine's NOT this neat and organized
But wait, there's more... I have 2 in my bedroom also.  (insert eye roll here)  The top left hand corner of my dresser contains - Ugh ya know, I don't even know what it contains anymore.  Certainly at the moment it contains Christmas receipts, old pictures, old power cords - and just stuff.  I have another set of drawers full of stuff in the corner & probably my night stand has more stuff than I will ever need, use or think about.

I have attempted - several times - to go through my drawers of "stuff" and clean it up.  Usually that happens when the drawer will no longer shut completely.  I swear, it's like a friggin' treasure hunt!!

Can I part with my newly found treasures?  Or my old "keepsakes" from God knows when??  NO, of course not - that's why I have so many darn junk drawers!

Yes, I know - all this from a self proclaimed neat freak... Well yes, but you do know that drawers & closets have doors on them for a reason.  To hide the crap that is piling up & I don't want to deal with.  Things I won't deal with now or probably ever.

In these attempts to deal with my stuff - I don't get very far.  I do find papers (and last year's Christmas receipts) that can actually be thrown away - but sometimes it's a veritable treasure trove of holy CRAP look what I found & WOW, THAT'S where that went!  Woo hooooo!!

Not his actual garage, this one may actually be cleaner
Oh, and add motorcycles
Have I mentioned that my husband absolutely HATES and has long lost his patience with my junk drawers??  Yeah - well he's got an entire two car garage full of "stuff" that I never impede upon - so deal with it bud!  I'll betcha when he needs a rubber band or a thumb tack & I'm Johnny on the spot he'll lighten up!

Mostly, my house is pretty clean at first view (unless the girls have ravaged it in some way).

It's all about the presentation.

Just DO NOT open the closets or junk drawers and you'll be safe.

That's where me treasures be hidden matey :)

Thank you for reading my blog!!

Big smoochies xxoo


Revamped & revised from previous posting date of December 21, 2011


  1. i have like four junk drawers in my kitchen. and at least three in my a champ. they say that disorganization is a sign of genius. if that is the case, i must be the next Einstein. (with a vagina)

  2. Genius minds think alike, Bridgett ;)
    I'm making your Potato Chip Casserole with Christmas dinner :) I'll let you know how it comes out!

  3. Jenn, I started off with 1 designated junk drawer in my kitchen, but it has somehow turned into 3. I don't even both cleaning them out anymore, because the very next day they will be jam packed with crap all over again.

  4. I have one in the kitchen and at least two in my bedroom!! lol! People are forbidden "punishable by death" to open these drawers!! LOL! Oh, and my coat closet...yeaaaaaa...the insert that holds the coats....FELL and I've yet to get that fixed so if you open THAT door you will be buried alive!! LOL!

  5. I have three in my kitchen. One of which is 20% stuff I can't find a place for and 80% bills that I don't want to look at because I know I can't pay them. LOL The other two are stuff that I swear I "mean to get to at some point" but you and I both know that ain't happenin. I have three in my bedroom. One is hubs' the other two mine and God knows what they have in them. I do know that one contains a hot wheels car that I got my little brother for his 16th birthday as a joke and then never gave to him because my parents actually bought him a it's sitting there til the 6 month old boy gets old enough to play with it I guess. My hubs likes to complain about it, but seriously, yeah. Look at the garage and look at his OWN junk drawer. LOL Thanks for the post. It's nice to know I'm not alone (especially since I am kinda a neat freak, too.)


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