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Friday, August 3, 2012

Whirlwind in progress, please stand by...

Whoa... Look, it's August already!

What the??  Did I blink again??  What -- Wait...
I was just diligently planning our Costa Rica trip. That happened a month ago.  Ya know - the one I blogged about AND we've already been on the church camping trip we'd been anticipating.

Before I know it, the last summer beach hurrah will sadly be behind us, summer will wind down & the kids will finally be going back to school.

Yes, you heard it.  I said finally.
I'm not too proud to admit that I'm already counting the days until school starts back up again.

Don't get me wrong.  I love my girlies to bits, but our summer schedule has been such that I don't know who's coming & who's going, what's going on or what day of the week it is.

Yeah, exactly like this
Oh, and by the way - I also have a job.  An actual, real, out of the house job that I need to go to every day on top of all the "housely" duties that have already been thrust upon me.

Work may actually be the only place that I'm not confused.  It's a source of consistency in my crazy little life.

One of my birdies has already left the nest. (Kyle, if you're reading - I miss you terribly.)

The girls?  Holy high maintenance!  Yes, at 10 and 6 total high maintenance chicks.  I have NO idea where they get THAT from.

Not a flippin' second sooner!
By now, you should all know that my morning quiet time is precious.  The girls KNOW they may not leave their rooms, awake or not, until their alarm clock says 7-0-0.  That's not up for discussion, it just is.  Momma needs her quiet time and coffee.  Don't mess with it.

Then comes 7-0-0 girls up... Get 'em dressed, fed, lunched, room checks, breath checks & toothbrush checks because they try to get over on me...Done... out the door.  Short one to one camp, bigger one to another.  THIS week - because next week, she will be at some other camp.  Then it's off to work for consistency before I need to rush back home to pick up one at one time and the other 2 hours later.

For me, this is like throwing all the cards up in the air and and letting them fall where they may.

I like things simple.  This isn't working for me at all!

Oh school... How I've missed you... NO - not for me, for them.  I've done MY time!
I need my morning consistency back!  I need for them to be on one schedule during the day.... a constant - the same thing every day.  Waking up at 7-0-0 - off to the bus, off to school, momma to work & then come home for an hour of unwind time until the bus comes.  Ahhhh - doesn't that sound nice??

Of course my evenings will be full of cheer practice, girl scouts, brownies & whatever other sport or play date gets thrown my way - that, I'm ready for.
Bring it!

For now...Come Onnnnnnnnnnnn first day of school!

Thank you for reading my blog!

Smoochies from a tired momma xxoo



  1. I'm with you, although I have different reasons. This is the first summer I can remember wanting school to start- mostly because the older two seem to be fighting with each other every second of every day. Yes, please hurry school... this mama needs some peace... and more coffee. Here, have some more, I'll share :D

  2. visiting from the TGIF blog hop and newest follower! Oh how I envy the back-to-school routine! I have a 17 month old, so no school's just him and me almost 24/7!


  3. Every June I count down the hours until the last day of school is here. Ah, relaxing, don't have to get anyone up at 6:00 to make their 7:00 bus, no fighting in the morning, nice quiet peaceful time. Until August rolls around and we are so freaking busy with summer band, summer cross country and volleyball practices that I am now counting the minutes until school starts when I can get them both out of the house by 7:00 and they will be at their practices when they're already at school. I don't have to coordinate rides for them while I'm at work. I just have to worry about picking them up in the evenings from said practices. And this will be just fine. Until next June when I'm once again counting down the hours til the end of the school year.

    Great blog, Jenn! Thanks.


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