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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Garage Sale(ing) HATE IT!

I've come to the conclusion that I am NOT a good little "Garage-saler"...

Every year, our neighborhood has an annual garage sale / block party.  Since it always falls on the weekend of my daughter's birthday - we usually don't participate, but this year - we decided to give it a go.  Clean the basement, clean the garage - get rid of the crap and see if we could make a few extra bucks.

What the heck, right?
The kids were all in and incredibly excited!
Since we will be headed down the shore for a few days, they want some extra boardwalk cash.  They diligently rummaged through their old toys and old books.  We worked together to price up their items fairly and display them nicely. They were incredibly excited.

Knowing the mentality of the garage sale population, I put out a very specific sign for the kid's table:
"All children's items are priced fairly.  The children are saving for the boardwalk, please don't haggle with the kids - if you think something is priced too high - please speak with an adult."

Pretty cut and dry - right?  No mistaking the intent- right??

So you'd think.

Along comes this woman and her adolescent boys...  Well dressed, for a garage sale.  One of the boys picks up the (almost new) Spaulding basketball - priced at an incredibly low $3...  Then heads over to the girls... What's your best price on the basketball?

My poor daughter - totally intimidated.

Really lady?  Can't you read?

Of course, Momma Bear steps in...
pissed that my 10 year old is being harassed by an adult.

Me:                 "The basketball is $3, as it is marked."

PITA Lady:     "Well is that your best price?"

Me:                 "MY BEST PRICE IS $3 - JUST AS IT IS MARKED."

PITA Lady:     "So you won't go lower on the ball?"

Back OFF my kids!
Really?  I hear the words coming out of my mouth.  Can't she?  I know I've put up signs.  Perhaps she doesn't read?  Doesn't understand the language?  Nope, she was an English first language speaking woman.

Now, I'm trying to contain my anger...
Me:            "The ball is $3 - take it or leave it."

 I was behaved, I didn't offer to help her carry the ball out in a completely different area of her body than is required to carry a ball....  I wanted to....

Seriously, what the heck is wrong with people?

Are you so intent to get that "great deal" at a garage sale that you'll pounce on a kid - when there are 3 adults standing by?

For $3?

That doesn't scream thrifty, that screams A'Hole...

So basketball lady....  Hear this...
If $3 is such a hardship for you that you need to bully a ten year old for a cheaper price, than you shouldn't be buying basketballs at garage sales - you should be buying food.  Now move along and leave my kids alone!
Never again!

Reason 999 why I hate having garage sales.

See... I could have spent my time more wisely... Like blogging :)

Have a great day!



  1. Uck! People! Did she bump her head and think she was on Canal Street buying fake Louis Vuittons or something? I've flirted with the idea of having a garage sale for years and so far have chickened out. every. time.

    After reading about your experience, I'm glad I never had one. ;)

  2. So, what happened? Did she buy it? I never haggle at garage sales.Did the kids make any money at all?

    1. No, she didn't buy it... Wag was about to tell her that our new best price was $10 - but I think I pissed her off enough and she went on her way. Rule #1 - Do NOT mess with a momma bear's cubs - especially when momma bear is so near - because you will be shredded...

  3. Way to show restraint, Jenn. I probably would've spent the next few minutes bouncing the ball off of her head all the way down my driveway and off of my property. What an itch with a capital B. Next year, celebrate your beautiful daughter's bday and to heck with the garage sale.



  4. I hate garage sales too. :)
    I was going to do a garage sale this summer. I'm amazed by how much went during that time, but I was surprised at how little money I made from it.


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