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Monday, December 12, 2011

This couch ain't big enough for the two of us....

So I'm up REALLY early every day.

Intentionally - I like to have quiet time while I caffeinate.  Sometimes I watch the shows that I DVR from the night before, but mostly - I like my quiet time.

And from down the hall comes the "Bouncing Chickadee".  It's like Ringling Brothers, I swear!  Boing,Boing, Boing, Twirl, Twirl & BOUNCE right on top of me.

Admittedly, for the first 30 seconds I'm loving the love - but after that, when she climbs up into my lap & kicks over my lap top and my kitty and I can no longer reach my coffee - I've lost that lovin' feeling.

Mind you... MY couch - my sacred spot, is the love seat.  It's in the exact perfect position, with my end table and lamp - view out the front window & television if I choose.  It's small.  I'm usually curled up under my Snuggie® with my kitty & laptop.  Sounds so warm & cozy doesn't it??

I write this now - because my once warm & cozy feet are now cold without my Snuggie®.  My comfy area on my love seat has been invaded by the short one - who has taken up not only my Snuggie®, but 3/4 of the love seat.  One leg across my lap, the other jamming into my leg trying to push me further into the arm of the love seat.  Really?  It's 6:30 am on Sunday morning.

Listen kid, this couch ain't big enough for the two of us....  Beat it!

Can ya relate?

Thank you for reading my blog!!


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