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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Things where "they belong"....

So, while I've been home over the past few days, I've had the "luxury" of having most of my family home as well.

During this time I've been in marathon present wrapping mode, still in holy crap laundry mode (Kyle's room was not nearly as clean as he'd said) cooking mode & having everyone home at the same time.  I do much better without everyone underfoot, but I manage.

Soooo... During this time of my massive chaos - my dearly beloved was looking for the hash browns, which he could not find in the refrigerator.

The comedian, Rita Rudner, had a bit about men looking for things & how if it didn't drop out of the sky and into their arms - it was missing.  Same bit with the refrigerator.  The mighty staring contest, as if the milk would move out of his way - intimidated.

So there I was, vacuuming & "Honeyyyyy, I can't find the potatoes... Where are they?"  In the refrigerator, I say.... "I can't fiiinnnnndddd them."  So of course, I go to the refrigerator, open the door & look past the dozen eggs & grab the package of shredded potatoes ... Here ya go.  Sheesh.

Now of course I mumble under my breath as I walk away - because that could have been done in a second without my assistance - and in response to my mutter I hear... "well if they were where they belonged......"   Screeeeeech.... (that's me stopping in my tracks & shooting off the LOOK)

At that, I defiantly look to the not one, not two, but three pair of HIS shoes in the living room.  Then to the 2 boxes of Christmas lights in the living room next to my sofa (that didn't go up) - over to my dining room where the other 5 boxes lay - because, ya know the lights need to warm up to 70 degrees before they go up...  Ok, so we're busy - they didn't go up... no fault there - but the lights didn't need to stay in my dining room & living room.  Oh - but wait... there's more.  His sister's sewing machine & sewing kit on the floor in the dining room.  2 sweatshirts on dining room chairs and random paperwork on my dining room table.  I'll stop there - because there is more.

Um, wanna re-think that "where they belong" line, dear?

Thankfully, the clutter was promptly removed (since I called him out) but I fully expect him to not be able to find something else.  It's just the way it is.

Thank you for reading my blog!


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