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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A heart is not complete until it has been broken...

Ahhh, heartbreak....

No one is immune.  The toughest of the tough.  The strongest of the strong.  The bravest of the brave. They've all had their hearts broken from time to time.  Who hasn't?

Whether it be the loss of your true love, a death of a family member, a beloved pet, or even someone just leaving your life for whatever reason...  As long as there is love, heartbreak in inevitable.

I've suffered my fair share of heartbreak in my life; many deaths, lost loves & people just moving on.  The pain is the same, an ache is an ache.  It dulls some over time, but it still hurts.

Has it ever been in my best interest to shut myself down and not love - absolutely NOT!  I cherish every ounce of love I've ever had in my life.  Love is as much for you as it is for the other person.
It IS better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

How can you get the full feeling of the highest of the high - unless you also experience the lowest of the low.  No joy without sorrow.  It really IS all good!

During this holiday season, show someone they are loved - especially if you know they are alone or struggling in any way.  It's amazing what a small act of kindness can do to brighten someone's day.

Sometimes it's as simple as a smile.  :)

Thank you for reading my blog!


 Hearts will never be practical, until they are made unbreakable... ~Wizard of Oz

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