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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

There's nothing like forever friends...

I am truly blessed to have some really awesome girl friends, and no offense to my girlies, because you know I just love you to death - but there's nothing like forever friends.

I think to some degree you could all nod you heads and think yup, she's right and there will be no offense taken.

We all have that one, or if we're really lucky two friends that we've had for longer than we can even remember & if we took the time to calculate years it would just get down right depressing!  The friends who know entirely too much & you know that the dirt you've got stored up on each other could partially fill an ocean.  Those are the forever friends I'm speaking of.

Lynne and I have been friends since the 8th grade.  She and I constantly joke back and forth that we could never get into a huge fight & stop being friends because we know too much about each other.  She is the forever friend I know I could tell anything and her jaw wouldn't totally hit the ground.  She may say, "Jennifer, what the hell is wrong with you?" and get away with calling me Jennifer in a tone only a pissed off mother would use.  She would also laugh it off with me & it would just blow by like the breeze.  I love that.

It's not that my other girlies would judge me, but there's something special about someone you've had almost your whole life. Someone who's known all the stupid crap you've done - all the really bad stuff (and sometimes has been part and party to same) and loves you anyway.  No judgement, no back stabbing - just in it with each other.  Lynne is my go to girl, and I know I'm hers.  We are here for each other always.  Even for the really stupid stuff.

In all our years as friends, we've never had a knock down drag out fight.  Yeah, we've pissed each other off - but we've never stopped speaking because of it.  I've said things, she's said things - and we get over it.  Done and forgotten.  We know how important our friendship is and nothing is worth losing it over.

I'd love to say that we have never, ever lost touch.  The fact is that she went her way for a while & I went mine - then we met back in the middle again.

We may not see each other every day - or even once a month (which needs to change) but we talk all the time and are totally involved with what's going on in each other's lives.  And, from time to time - we act like jealous lovers if the other hangs out with another friend too long, lol.  And NO, Lynne - it's not always me, lol.

I think this is important for us women.  Having our girlfriends, but also having our touch stone(s) who know us through and through.  The good, the bad & the psychotic....

Thank you for reading my blog!


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  1. You are my "person"!! Love love love you babydoll! LB


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