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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Screw Top Wine...

So I've been hearing this rumor that screw top wine is going to be the new norm in wines...

Um excuse me..  I don't know about you, but to me - nothing screams cheap or "kindly escort me to the water chamber so that I may continually worship the porcelain god" louder than screw top wine.  Especially screw top red wine!

I mean, screw top wine was fine when I was a rebellious teenager and it was incredibly naughty and wild to share a bottle of Boone's Farm Strawberry Blossom wine, or even the dreaded and terrible Thunderbird.  Talk about a projectile vomiting incident.  Sheesh!  At least we had an excuse to purchase cheap wine - all we could scrape together was $5 or $6 dollars between the lot of us.

Now you may call me a wine-o.  I call me mom.  Touch my red and I will hit you over the head with the empty bottle!  They don't call it Mommy Juice for nothing.

There is a natural progression in wine taste - cheap screw top (teens), jug wine (20's), box wine (20/30's), White Zinfandel (20/30's) & then the foray into reds - usually beginning with Merlot then tip toeing through to the next red.  I know that I'm being a little general here - but I've lived it & see it.  I actually think it's very funny.  Especially knowing that my very good, sweet and wonderful friend is still currently emptying a box of wine left behind by her 20'something cousin.  :)   Seriously, am I not on the right track??

I don't care what the "trend" says.  I don't care what the guy at the liquor store says.  I will avoid the screw top wines like the plague & enjoy my lovely Tuscan Mountain wines, which are corked.  'But that's just me...

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  1. Love it Jen. But I would'n mine buying a bottle of Thunderbird red wine again just to get that so call of taste of what they call Red Wine.
    But then again I'm not a big wine drinker.
    Happy Holidays

  2. And my old favorite from my 20's....Riunite on Ice, that's Nice!! xoxo LB


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