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Monday, August 1, 2011

No, honey - that's not the fan. I'm speaking....

It's taken many years, but I've finally learned what it means when they say women talk in color and men talk in black & white.

Clearly by amount of words I use in my blog, I've not learned (nor care to learn) how to talk in black and white on a regular basis.

I will forever want to twirl around in a pretty, pretty dress and talk in pretty, pretty colors.

My women folk will hear me, but people like my husband will hear whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

Oh no, this is real - I've practiced both methods of "speak".  I've had a conversation (with my husband) in "man speak" using very (very, very) few words & then I've had a full conversation.

During my "conversation" of few words, he heard me and responded appropriately.

During my actual conversation, I chatted away and then noted the far away look in his eyes where his thoughts probably drifted from, I'm hungry, to I think I'll wash the car, to should I mow the lawn, to Ooh look - cleavage.

Then the conversation ended with an "Uh huh. What did you say dinner was again???"

Um, I didn't - but thanks for playing.

Frustrating, yes - wrong, no.

It's just one of the many differences between men & women.

Well at least I get it now.  I spent a lot of needless time annoyed that I wasn't getting proper attention, when all I needed to do was to translate properly; write down all I wanted to say and then pull out any superfluous words - which was most of them and grunt.

If not, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh....

For any of the men who've gotten all the way through my pretty, pretty colors - thank you for reading.

If I've lost you somewhere around cleavage - Food ready.

Have a colorful day!
Thank you for reading my blog.


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