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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore....

I'm still here!!

I don't have the nerve (or desire) to wear one of those "I Survived Hurricane Irene 2011" shirts, nor would I ever put that as my status.

As a plus, we didn't sustain much damage, but some of my friends have.

I believe that I deserve an award for keeping two little girls not only happy, but from killing each other & driving me insane for the past 2 days.  (Today started with 2 melt downs before 9 am prior to a full tank of caffeine - so stay with me....)

It's been a crazy day - the news, of course, is absolutely relentless with the storm - alright already...  I know, I know hurricane - got it.   Yes, it's windy - yes, I'm inside.  Yes, I'm sad about our beaches - but how much news can we stand - I'm on overload.

Most of the day I've kept the TV off just to keep the girls prepared for the potential loss of power (which didn't happen, thankfully).  I've enjoyed the no TV & have almost finished reading a 500 plus page book, I'm so proud of me...  And my daughter just said OUT LOUD "I wanna finish reading my book".  I'm so proud of her!  And, I just popped the TV on & am annoyed already after 5 minutes, so I will gladly yield to the Disney Channel to keep a happy 5 year old.

It's been a tough little weekend for these girls, all cooped up in the house - but they did a great job.  Wag has been at work since 4ish yesterday & not likely to come home any time soon...  It's Ok, I've got it.

Kyle ditched me, but did call in bright & early this morning to make sure momma was Ok - good boy...  However, he's had no power where he's staying...  Oh well, you wanted to go out and party all weekend.

Have I been bored, yup.  I didn't want to leave & no one wanted to entertain me.  I'm Facebooked out, but I fully expect to be bored for one more day, because as I look online, I see that all paths out of my town are either flooded or have tree issues, so stay tuned...

For my friends in Wayne, Warwick, Pompton Lakes/Plains, Pequannock, down the shore - Long Island - and anyone else with tree / water damage, my thoughts are with you.  Let me know if I can do anything.

Stay safe - looks like Irene isn't quite done with us yet.

Thank you for reading my blog!


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